Battlefield 3 Is Free Right Now On Origin

Battlefield 3 Is Free Right Now On Origin

Right now, you can log onto Origin (or create an account), click on one button, and own Battlefield 3. It’s that easy.

As a part of Origin’s On The House program, which offers a new free game every month, Battlefield 3 is free for the next week or so. There’s usually a bit of an overlap with its free games, and there’s no rush, but I’d jump on it nonetheless so you don’t forget. I’m actually a little surprised to see them offer something so recent — up until now it’s been the likes of Dead Space, Battlefield 1942, or Plants vs Zombies (which is still free right now, by the way).

In fact, Battlefield 3 is quite similar to Battlefield 4. There isn’t that much of a graphical difference, and even though it doesn’t have the dynamic levels, gameplay is much the same. If you’re on a budget, and looking at a free Battlefield 3 vs a full-price Battlefield 4, it’s an easy decision. It’s like getting last year’s version of FIFA, if the roster changes didn’t factor into it.

You can head here to get Origin, if you don’t have it already. If you’re like me, and you’re in the office, you can click the button that sticks the game on your account and then click ‘Cancel’ on the auto-download.


    • Man up and install it son! I did Nd so far I have two games… Both of the free ones!! It’s been win-win this far!

      • I don’t think so. Anyone can use Origin but *REAL* men and *REAL* women use Steam, 😛

        Jokes aside, I personally refuse to use Origin because of EA’s behaviours. The main one being that if you buy a physical copy of a game, you can register it with Origin in the hopes that you can download it again any time in the future if you lose the disk.

        What EA didn’t tell customers at the time was that after a period of time (often two years) the games one registered get removed from the download manager and to get them back you have to purchase the game, again!

        If this has changed since then, good for them. But when there are far better options (ie: Steam and the DRM free I’m in no hurry to install Origin.

        • In EA’s defence, the Origin client is much, much better than Steam’s. The Steam client is the slowest, clunkiest thing around, to the point where I do 90% of its stuff via Chrome.

          I only use Origin for these recent free games, but it’s like night and day in terms of speed and usability (although in fairness, has much less in terms of social aspects etc).

        • What?! Really? Is this still in place?

          I got some games to finish before it goes off the manager.

          • I honestly don’t know to tell the truth. But then again, Origin is just an online DRM manager and a half arsed attempt at being steam.

            When I had enough of that shameful app, I just uninstalled and have avoided games published by EA ever since.

          • No its not – i have no idea where wisehacker got his information from but for example i bought 2142’s expansion pack northern strike all the way back in 07 (back WAY before origin came out and it was EA’s Download manager) and i can still download that whenever i want. Never heard of anything becoming deregistered before and i imagine if it did that would have been much more outrage about it…

          • Never heard of anything becoming deregistered before and i imagine if it did that would have been much more outrage about it…

            It was buried in the EULA/ToS in around 2011. I checked again and it seems to have been removed and it seems I missed on element. The game has to be inactive (not used) for 24 months.

            Irrespective, this was a rule that caused outrage and I just simply walked from Origin (I think might have even still have been called the EADM) and have not used it since.

        • If that’s the case (removal of games) that really sucks and if I was a PC gamer I would be really pissed off, but I game on console and these are free games on a device I occasionally use for gaming, so for me its all icing!

  • I’d love to get it… if EA would send my password reset email sometime today…. God I hate origin. Steam emails are literally sent within the bloody second, server stress or otherwise.

  • Good on them. Now I can get my mates to jump on BF3 with me whilst I wait for the BF4 playerbase to return from the rage cage.

  • Is there any point downloading BF3 if I’m just looking for some free single-player action? If the campaign takes less than 15 hours to get through then I won’t bother. I don’t do multi-player.

  • Just to let to you guys know, it’s the Standard Ed that’s free.. Premium is with the DLCs etc. What you are getting the initial copy / standard edition. Nonetheless, free.

    Thanks for the tip on don’t auto download

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