Behind The Scenes Of Alien: Isolation's Drama

The more I see of Alien: Isolation the more I'm convinced that this is the slow paced, terrifying stealth game I've always wanted to see from the series, but given the last game set in the universe, I'm casting every single trailer/screenshot/shred of info with a cast iron cynicism. I want this game to be good goddammit!

I think we all do, obviously.

This latest developer diary focuses on the casting of the show, and the technology being used to bring those actors into the world of Alien: Isolation.

It looks. Solid I guess is the word I'd use. Some of the acting seems a bit iffy, and the writing seems to have a bit too much exposition for my liking, but without context it really is difficult to tell. I'm just sifting through this with the proverbial fine-tooth comb.

I need this to be good. I need this!


    If this turns out to be anything less than good, the outcry of the internet's combined heartbreak will be deafening.

    I think everyone is awaiting this with high hopes.

    I am still annoyed about Hicks. There is a lot riding on this.

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