BioShock Infinite's Health System Would Be Disgusting In Real Life

We all know how silly the video game trope of "restore health with food" is, but seeing someone try it in real life is even sillier.

In Mega64's latest video, they simulate Booker from Bioshock Infinite running around a public park searching for food to heal himself with after a fight. There are a lot of funny moments, but the one that best sums up the absurdity of food in games is when he pulls a plate of salad out of a top hat at 1:47.

Mega64: Bioshock Infinite [YouTube]


    I just don't get it.
    Why would you ask us to watch a video and then tell us what the funniest scene is AND detail what happens?

    Do you want us to watch it or do you want to paint us a word picture?

      I don't get it. If it weren't for your comment, I wouldn't have even read the article before watching the video, and then it wouldn't have been spoiled for me. It's a vicious cycle man!

      Give the guy a break, he was obviously rushed for time and didn't have a chance to make a gif of it like they usually do.

    C'mon Kotaku, give other games Game Hubs, not just Bioshock Infinite.

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