Brace Yourself, Steam Sales Are Coming

The Steam Summer sale is pretty much an annual thing, and you can almost time your watch by it, but it's still nice to have confirmation that bargain are incoming. We've just received a tip stating that Valve is looking for all potential games for the Steam Summer Sale to be submitted before June 13. So the sale could, theoretically, start any time after that date.

In other words, when the calendar strikes June 13, your purses and wallets have permission to start trembling.

Time to start planning that budget people. Stay safe out there. Video games are important but food and shelter is also important. Start pawning your wedding rings and whatnot. It's almost go time.


    Just don't expect cheap Watch_Dogs, amrite?

      Read that as "Watch_Doges" first glance. I could only hope for a game of that calibre.

      Check out Green Man Gaming, I grabbed the deluxe edition earlier today for around $50 thanks to a 25% off discount code. It's $80 on Steam for the deluxe edition now after the price hike. Although it looks like I will have to use uPlay instead of Steam, which isn't exactly ideal

    Meh, i'm over the steam sales, the first few are awesome but once you have gotten the games you want there really isn't much point. I think in the last sale i only bought one or two games.

      That combined with other sites like Amazon, GMG, GOG and Humble having frequent similar/better (because of Australian tax) sales just makes the Steam ones a little less exciting.

      Although all the extras are fun enough though and I don't mind making some Steambucks from selling sale trading cards :D

        Hehe, i like how your profile pic is green and your name is "Greenius"

          Give him more upvotes so his score box is green too!

      Agreed, I think it will be another 2 years before they become interesting again, where stuff from the last 12 months become cheap enough to throw money at them.

      They are still good, if you haven't already purchased a lot of games as they have come out. I've personally just not bought a lot of games that I delegate to the "steam sale" pile, and put them on my watch list. If you start doing that, you'll find more to purchase.

    I've still got games I haven't played from last year's summer sale. I'm hanging out for XCOM: Enemy Within. Been waiting for it to come on sale for a year and it hasn't moved an inch. Come on already!

      I couldn't hold out, I ended up getting the steam code from Ozgameshop - $24.99 - $20 cheaper than steam right now.

      Found it for $25 on ozgame via an email code for steam, regular price. Might just buy it...

    AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWE YEAHHHHHHHH! sale time :) means more cards and more badges :)

    don't really have many games that I'm interested in now. It might be time to look up some indie games methinks

      Some that I would recommend that may have been overlooked
      Adventures of Shuggy
      Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons
      Containment: The Zombie Puzzler
      Diamond Dan
      Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams
      Half Minute Hero
      Hamilton's Great Adventure
      Mark of the Ninja
      Mr. Robot
      Musaic Box
      Pinball FX2
      Puzzle Bots
      Sang-Froid - Tales of Werewolves

        Or... and this is a big or, you get Contagion.

        Contagion is an eight player zombie survival game that does NOT play like dynasty warriors *cough* Left 4 Dead *cough*. You should look it up, right now I tuck into a game mode called hunted with friends and it turns into a last man standing competition. It is quite rad.

          That was just a list of things from my steam account that I enjoyed that could have been overlooked.
          I saw contagon when it first came out and it did look just like an l4d type game. How does it differ, is it objective based or just survive as long as you can. Is it just a more difficult combat or how does it differ.

          And besides I don't like to think of it as a big OR, why not make it an AND

            There are currently five gamemodes (there is a sixth but it is basically just a slightly modified version of another). They range from;

            -Escape, the core game mode that is an eight player make it to the end of the map affair that is quite close in nature to L4D, but semi random obstacles and objectives.
            -Extraction, a capture and retrieve game mode that starts with all survivors being spread out and having to extract NPC survivors, ammo is normally scarce in this game mode with the only way of getting extra ammo being scrounging it up from the NPC locations or from the NPC's themselves when they leave the area.
            -Panic (or Panic Classic), is more like Zombie Panic (the source mod) in which one player plays as an empowered zombie and slowly turns the survivor team into more zombies. Ala build up tag.
            -Survival; standard team survival affair, board up hope for the best.
            -Hunted; this here is my favourite. Each player starts a fair distance from each other with no clue as to where the others are and they must eliminate each other; but before you go rolling your eyes there is some good differences here from other zombie games. There is no mini map, all your navigation in terms of finding other players is done through your cell phone, which when brought near another player will show them on the screen, this might not sound interesting, but a single click of your phone makes that players phone ring/vibrate... nothing is more terrifying than fighting zombies and having your phone vibrate. Ammo isn't all that plentiful; while houses normally have a decent amount of goodies the amount of zombies on the map means that at some point you will start to expend your lovely stockpile and it only grows worse when players start coming back as zombies that can create a "hoard" of followers and storm your little castle of sand.

            The game isn't perfect, but there are few games that have given me this much enjoyment with friends in a long time.

            Note; right now game modes are locked at eight players, but monochrome have stated that they are trying to increase the player cap to 16 in some game modes to increase the difficulty and chaos.

    This can only lead to bad things for my finances.

    Last edited 22/05/14 4:52 pm

    I haven't picked up Trials yet - so I'm hoping I can get a sweet deal on that. And a sale for Transistor would be cool too.

      Unlikely that Transistor will go on sale. It's only $20 (in 'straya) to begin with anyways... Totally worth it IMO.

    every time there is a steam sale I seem to have no money to spare :(

    I love it how they get a response within minutes of posting, quicker than the support to their customers :P

    My wishlist is starting to get pretty big and I am waiting for some nice 60+ % sales!

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