Bungie Talks Loot, Armour And Upgrades In Destiny

Bungie Talks Loot, Armour And Upgrades In Destiny

Destiny continues to look amazing, but I did get the sense that some folks were a little disappointed with its last showing. Our own Patricia Hernandez worries it might end being a little boring. It looks like Bungie is striking back, and is on the offensive with a brand new dev diary focusing on loot, armour and upgrades.

To my eyes, Destiny looks a lot like a shooter with RPG elements. Yep, that’s about as obvious as it gets, but what excites me is that it’s a shooter by Bungie with RPG elements. No-one quite gets shooting people in the face like Bungie, particularly in the console space, and that’s the bottom line here. When it comes to getting that core loop down no-one does it like Bungie.

The above video focuses a little more on the RPG elements, which is perhaps the unproven aspect of Destiny in terms of Bungie and its pedigree. Hearing Bungie employees talk about ‘loot’ and ‘upgrades’ is always a little strange, but I’m ready for something a little different here and hope the game lives up to the promise.


  • It’s Bungies fps system with the loot & shoot concept of Borderlands combined in a passive/parallel-multiplayer concept. It might not be the game of the year but it looks like it has all the elements to be pretty damn fun for a hell of a lot of people.

    • Sounds like the perfect couch co-op game.

      It definitely ticks a lot of boxes for me. The only thing it’s missing is a PC release because I don’t own any of the current gen consoles yet.

      • Have they announced local multi? I almost expect it from Bungie but you never know with a new IP.

    • Honestly, Borderlands was simple at its core but the loot system and co-op play made it insanely fun. destiny will be great!

  • Did you enjoy the multiplayer in Reach?
    Did you like unlocking all those bits of armour?.. well, brother, have I got a game for you.

    • I reckon it will be something more then just that. It’s probably gonna be more like borderlands without all the gear dupes bugs (although probably no as funny).

      Random server events seem pretty sick, but then again this is a game that will rely a lot on the community. If they manage to keep a good amount of players it will be amazing, otherwise will feel like you are actually the last guardian on earth.

  • My main shooter for the past few years would always be Call Of Duty. It would satisfy me, the matchmaking was fast and merely 10mins of fast paced action would suffice me. This year I hope Destiny would replace that, PvP, Public Events (bunch of randoms against a boss) and exploration would probably last me at least a year.
    So excited! 😀

  • This is looking less and less like “passive multiplayer” and more like an MMO. The talk of “raids” worries me… Will I be able to take on everything in this game by myself, without grinding for levels? From what I’ve read, even grinding levels won’t help me – some things will just not be possible without a group.

    They keep talking about tilting the slope so that you’re constantly encouraged to socialise, but more and more it sounds like that slope goes vertical some point. Such a shame, especially when they were talking about their ten-year plan for the game…

    • You can play the entire campaign by yourself just like any other game except in destiny you just avoid any public events that you encounter. Think of Raids and Strikes as co-op experiences like Firefight was for ODST and Reach. You would likely out level and out gear the strikes that you could solo them but not the raids.

      Also no one is forcing you to socialise. Hit the raid content button from the menu, it matchmakes, get it done, get some loot, get out.

      • Never played Firefight in Halo – I enjoyed those games on a silver XBL membership. Halo: CE’s single-player was essentially what made me interested in gaming. My point was lamenting the loss of things like scaling difficulty based on player count, which can be done in co-op-oriented games, but not in MMOs, that still make single player viable for all content in the game.

        Socialising is not the point – seeing them say stuff like “if you get to this door, and you don’t have five friends, you won’t be able to proceed” sounds too much like the doors marked “co-op” in Dead Space 3 – they completely pull you out of the experience, because there’s no way for the lore to justify a door with a flashing “co-op” sign on it.

        When this was announced, it sounded like Skyrim in a Halo-esque setting with a Dark Souls-style multiplayer component… now it’s sounding like Planetside 2 with questing. Which means my enjoyment will depend entirely on how good those quests are… and I’m still waiting on an MMO that has got that right (and everything I’ve read indicates it is an MMO, no matter how Bungie want to try to spin it). I have faith in Bungie, but the more I hear of this, the more it sounds like I’ll not be playing this for very long.

        • The problem with your statement is that it isn’t an MMO. MMO means Massively Multiplayer Online game. The Massively is entirely missing from Destiny but it does incorporate other MMO aspects such as “strikes” (3 man dungeons) and raids (6 man dungeons). Other people do NOT randomly enter your game out in the questing world unless you initate or go into a public event. The only time you will see anyone else is in the non-combat area of the tower which is a social hub.

          Also in regards to your comment such as hitting the door and not being able to proceed without other people… it won’t happen like that from what i have seen. For example… a public event occurs, you either start heading away from it because you don’t want to participate or you go towards it to complete it and you get seamlessly match-made into a group.

          As far as strikes and raiding content go…. There is no “door” to this content as far as i am aware. You can only access this content from a separate button in the main menu. If you were in the patrol (explore) mode for instance you should never come across any gateways or doors to strikes/raids.

          • Other people do NOT randomly enter your game out in the questing world unless you initiate or go into a public event. The only time you will see anyone else is in the non-combat area of the tower which is a social hub.
            So… more like Path of Exile with public events, which is what I originally expected. I just keep getting the feeling that that first M is slowly creeping back into Destiny’s design, tho. Maybe it’s just the way it’s being reported on…

            I was paraphrasing Jason Jones of Bungie, talking about potential future content, not public events. The full quote is:
            “I guess at some variable, distant endpoint we are going to say, ‘Yeah, if you show up at this door, and you don’t have five friends, you’re not going to be able to succeed,’ but the core experience that solo players have enjoyed in shooters, they’re going to be able to get that, and we’re going to pull many of them into social experiences as well.”
            So, I may be getting needlessly worried, because it’s only a potential scenario later down the line. The way he phrased it doesn’t sound like something accessed through the main menu…

            If the raids and exclusively group-focused content stays only accessible via the menu, I will have no problem with it. It’s just that quote about an actual door brings back those glowing orange “co-op” doors that seem to feel the need to (a) remind me I’m playing a game (it’s not like immersion was important in a horror game), (b) remind me that it is meant for co-operative play, and (c) feel bad for being a stubborn antisocial bastard for wanting to get away from “people” for a few hours. Or perhaps I’m just reading too much into that. 😛

            Sifting past my illogical hatred of orange doors, I value immersion and atmosphere over company… it seems that more and more games are moving towards the opposite, and the “sharing” features in the new consoles are just exacerbating this. I’ve yet to play a bad campaign from Bungie, and I just don’t want Destiny’s to be the first.

      • It’s not a matter of finding, it’s a matter of maintaining and coordinating playtime and level parity. I can’t quest with the people I played ESO with in first few weeks, because they now drastically out-level me as I’ve had practically no time play the past 3 weeks. And I don’t particularly relish playing with randoms, because 90% of them tend to group in order to get through everything as fast as possible, which means skipping any dialogue/lore that I would otherwise stop and read. Most people revel in the doing; I can’t enjoy myself unless I know why we’re doing it. My gameplay style just doesn’t gel with 90% of other people, so I prefer to go it alone. The sad thing is, most people that play this way think the same way, so they don’t bother trying for groups at all, which just makes us all even more insular, because 99% of people sending group invites will just rush through everything.

        So, no, Bungie isn’t the problem. But I don’t believe I should be handicapped for trying to take in as much of what they’ve crafted as I can.

  • I don’t really like the privatised loot idea from the perspective of having played a lot of Borderlands with friends and having everyone run over to see if they want a gun rather than someone reading off stats to see if anyone wants it. I like it from the perspective of people I don’t know not being able to battle loot though. I’m guessing it also means loot’s geared towards your character which means it’s harder to help get everyone geared up without grinding a lot.

    This game’s going to live or die by its co-op though for me and if I can’t jump in with a bunch of friends and go on a looty-shooty rampage then it’s no deal. If they really can pull off Borderlands with FF XIV’s FATEs it should be a glorious thing.

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