Can't Understand The New Tales Of Zestiria Trailer? We're Here To Help

Can't Understand the New Tales of Zestiria Trailer? We're Here to Help

Here's the latest trailer for the next Tales game — with subtitles, so you can kind of understand what the hell they're saying.

The next Tales game features a story involving legends, fates, and strange world-specific terminology. Kind of like every other RPG. But it still looks pretty cool.

The following is latest trailer for Tales of Zestiria. Subtitles have been added courtesy of yours truly. The original, un-subbed, higher quality version can be seen here.

Note: Some terminology does not yet have official Bandai Namco English translations, so I was forced to take some liberties. Explanations of said terms are below.

導師 (Dōshi): A word tossed around a lot. Apparently, a kind of legendary hero who would arise in time of need to make things right. Literal translation is "seer", "maharishi", "imam", "priest", "guru", or "master". I went with "Master"

天遺見聞録 (Ten-i kenbunroku): Special records or prophecy. A kind of convenient what-to-do guide book when shit hits the fan, apparently. Made-up word. Literal translation is "records of heavenly legacy." I stuck with "Holy Records" for brevity.

天族(Ten-zoku): One of the two races in the world. Kind of like elves, it looks like. Literal translation is "heavenly race", or "sky people". The former sounds clunky and the latter sounds corny. I translated it as "Divine".

憑魔(Hyouma): From the way the word is used, Hyouma are most likely the monsters of this world. A made-up word. Literal translation would probably be something along the lines of "possessed evil" or "possessing evil". Since the game seems to use specific terminology instead of the generic word for "monster" (魔物), I tried to find something accommodating. I used "the accursed".

災禍の顕主 (Saika no Kenshu): The source of evil and obvious big bad of the game. Saika means "scourge", "destruction", or basically a destructive or calamitous event. Kenshu is a made-up word, but the sum of its parts basically means "lord" or "master". I translated it as "the Lord of Calamity".

Tales of Zestiria is scheduled for release on the PlayStation 3. An international release has been confirmed, but no release date has been announced at this time.


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