Cats Playing Candy Crush Saga, Ladies And Gentlemen

Cats Playing Candy Crush Saga, Ladies And Gentlemen

If we take away one positive thing from the world’s once fiery-hot obsession with Candy Crush Saga, let it be this compilation of feline feet flailing against expensive electronics.

YouTube’s Fabulous Mr. Pug (via Tastefully Offensive) compiled this collection of gaming cat videos from around the world, and while some of them may be playing Bejeweled instead of King’s saccharine upstart, the end result is the same — an exhilarating feeling of overwhelming superiority. Cats might get to sit around all day peeing on the world and getting cuddled for it, but they can’t play Candy Crush Saga worth a damn.


  • I don’t know if my cats are really smart or just really stupid (probably the latter). If it doesn’t feed them, warm them, or pat them, they’re not interested in it. Well, one does seem slightly smarter than the others and probably would take notice for a short period of time (probably nothing as entertaining as the video though), but the others just sit there and do general cat things (snoozing, licking themselves, eating bugs, etc). Even if I had a tablet or iPad, I’m pretty sure they’d just ignore it and continue licking themselves. :/

  • I bet those people wouldn’t be happy when the cats buy all the extras with their credit cards lol

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