Child Of Light Will Be Coming To PlayStation Vita On July 1

Briefly: Ubisoft's very pretty role-playing game will be a digital download for Sony's handheld game system. You can read Kotaku's review of the game right here.


    perfect! i wanted this game reaily bad, but i unfortunately dont have the time at home to sit down and play. I was hoping so hard this would become portable :))))

    cross buy between the ps4 and vita version would have made alot more sense then doing the ps4 and ps3 copy.

      Well the article didn't say either way, so I suppose it's still possible that the Vita version could be included under cross buy with the PS3 and PS4 versions.

    Supposedly from PR, that the game is not CrossBuy or CrossSave... PAL to get a boxed version, and NA is digital only.

    Based on this, I will be waiting on Valiant Hearts now to see if Ubisoft pull the same stunt.

      Hm. Already completed the game on PS4. I guess I will skip this unless the boxed version looks fantastic

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