Chinese Developed Oculus Rift Competitor Hits Kickstarter

Chinese Developed Oculus Rift Competitor Hit Kickstarter

It's called the ANTVR Kit. It looks to be a Oculus Rift challenger. That is, should it get funded and, more importantly, live up to its promises.

This VR system is from a small Beijing-based team called, wait for it, ANTVR.

Courtesy of TechInAsia, here's how the developers say their system stacks up agains the Oculus Rift and the Sony Morpheus:

Chinese Developed Oculus Rift Competitor Hit Kickstarter

What also makes this project different is how it claims to be an all-in-one kit with a unique foldable controller.

You can see the sales pitch in the video below. Personally, I'm not a huge fan of Kickstarter projects, but what makes this interesting is that the Oculus Rift got its start in Kickstarter and now a potential rival is crowdfunding via the same platform — which, yes, makes sense!

At the time of writing, ANTVR has about $US90,000 of its $US200,000 goal funded with 38 days left to go.

ANTVR KIT: All-IN-ONE Universal Virtual Reality Kit [Kickstarter] This is China's answer to the Oculus Rift, and it's now on Kickstarter [TechInAsia]


    The Oculus team went with camera based positional tracking to help reduce the delay between physical movement and the screen updating, which was a key factor in many being disorientated with the Dev Kit 1, so internal positional tracking may still have those issues present, unless they have found a way to counter it.

    Nice to see more competitors coming out though, makes VR seem like less of a pipe dream now, and now a matter of inevitability. Would be good to see VR for android too. Augmented Reality Ingress anyone? :D

    Looks very good! they've done some things other VR developers need to catch on too by the looks, glad there is so much competition in this space now, bad for developers but great for us :D

    It's good that a another player has emerged to take on Facebook. Because that's what it is. I'd like to rely on Sony but they're mortgaging the house atm.

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