Clever Gamer Dresses Up As An Enemy In Dark Souls II, Confuses Everyone

Wearing an enemy's costume in Dark Souls II and scaring the hell out of others when they invade? That's absolutely doable. YouTuber GuardianHX tried it out and got some incredible results.

This trick worked as well in the first Dark Souls but is harder to pull it off in the sequel, since characters have unique stances and animations. But as you can see you in the clip, you can still trick a lot of new players with it. Here's how it works in five not-so-easy steps:

  1. Dress up as a Hollow Royal Soldier in the Forest of Fallen Giants.
  2. Apply their skin tone.
  3. Lure the original enemies out and kill them.
  4. Take their spot.
  5. Wait for other players to invade.

Hiding in Plain Sight [GuardianHX, YouTube]


    The invader bowing to the player when he realised he'd been hiding the whole time was perfect. "I'm not worthy!"

    That was so amazingly entertaining. :D

    Doing being a lot of Belfry defence lately, man I'm loving this game.

    I rarely got invaded (not counting the rats or bells. Which I did on purpose).

    I don't Dark Souls but that was very funny..

    ..kinda makes me wish I had o_q

    So why wouldn't the other players be trying to kill the enemies as well? sorry if that's an obvious questions but I've never played it. Still very funny to watch though.

      You can't kill enemies while invading another person's world. Only white phantoms (co-op partners) can help you kill enemies.

      Because when you invade someones world, you're another enemy, so technically is AI is friendly and won't attack.

        ahh that makes sense :) also a lot funnier now :) haha

    This video is ten minutes long, I got two minutes in and stopped watching as it is a character just standing there. I am sure it's hilarious for a dark souls player but meh.

    Brilliantly put together video and some very nice music choices, though Yakkety Sax always makes me want to claws my ears off. It's funny how many people didn't pick up that the player was sometimes standing in positions that the enemies don't stand in.

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