Come On, Stop With The Weird Noises In The Let's Play Videos, OK?

Come On, Stop with the Weird Noises in the Let's Play Videos, OK?

If you watch a lot of videos where people play games and talk about them at the same time, you'll be wincing with recognition at Dorkly's latest webcomic. Talking over video game sessions has become a popular pastime and big business too.

Lots of people are donning headsets in the hopes of becoming the next Let's Play sensation, and this new strip from Dorkly breaks down some of the personality types you'll encounter in commentary-land.

Come On, Stop with the Weird Noises in the Let's Play Videos, OK?
Come On, Stop with the Weird Noises in the Let's Play Videos, OK?
Come On, Stop with the Weird Noises in the Let's Play Videos, OK?
Come On, Stop with the Weird Noises in the Let's Play Videos, OK?
Come On, Stop with the Weird Noises in the Let's Play Videos, OK?
Come On, Stop with the Weird Noises in the Let's Play Videos, OK?


    PewDiePie? Yes? I don't understand how the hell he is popular. Whispers, screeches, has a strong accent ... what?

      Have to admit, that was my first thought when I read "The Noise Maker".

        I first thought JonTron when he was on Game Grumps - Ech

          Oh come on, JonTron isn't as close to Egoraptors constant need to beatbox.

      Same principle as how Kim Kardashiawhateverthefuckhernameis. There's a lot of idiot followers.

      Because of his location. He doesn't live in the US, so he garnered an audience from his location, and since America is huge they started picking up his videos when they were getting popular. He then moved to a new country, where he gained a new audience from that location, while still retaining and growing his audience from his old location, and both audiences combined to make his videos popular enough for Americans to start viewing and spreading.

        I too enjoyed that "Game Theory" episode.

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          That's why I'm planning on moving once my Youtube videos take off!

    Hm. If only there were some way to categorize your subscriptions, so you could filter between, "Shit I actually want to keep track of and watch regularly," and, "rare gems who receive some arcane benefits unknown to me by the power of my subscription, who deserve it but who also aren't producing anything I care to be kept updated on."

    Or maybe there is and I'm just not a youtube power-user out of not giving enough of a shit.
    Oh the beauty of life's unsolvable mysteries.

    What's really sad about the rare gems is that they eventually start losing viewers. Two Best Friends play started off strong with popular titles and having an angry and stupid persona. But after they moved to playing more niche titles their numbers dropped.

      I agree with that. I have always been a supporter of what those guys do, and after looking at other lets players (is that even a term?), I would have to say I like their formula better than most other channels. They engage with their audience, whilst providing as much entertainment as possible doing what they do best: by going down the route they choose. I'm giving a shot at that formula myself with those kinds of lets plays, but I wouldn't want to pander to an audience to try get subscribers, instead I'm trying more of a learning experience from a game and share my knowledge of what I am playing :).

      I'm not saying that they do, but more of they are playing games that interest them, and what they believe the public enjoys as well.

    Not exactly Let's Play, but I love channels like Game Sack. I find the likes of PewDiePie and JonTron abrasive and just plain horrible to watch. I'd never want to meet these guys in real life, because if I did, I swear it would take all my strength not to clock them both in the face. And I'm one of the least violent people you're ever likely to meet. Give me Game Sack, or MetalJesusRocks. These guys know their shit, their informative, and most importantly, they're self aware in a humble, agreeable way.

    Also, The Ranting Robots are fantastic.

    We need an article for us to throw around our favourite gaming channels :)

    My favourites are JesseCox, Sips, Dodger, and ChilledChaos. :)

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    I'm only subscribed to Levelcap.

    My 6 year old son loves Cupquake (minecraft oasis) and some other guy that plays minecraft and does a lot of battles. Like Godzilla vs 50 golems... Or whatever.

      If you're into modded Minecraft then Direwolf20 is the best I've seen. He does Let's play, Server Play and mod spotlights.

    Can't help feeling like somewhere in this long borrowing of Dorkly's content you should have, y'know, linked to Dorkly.

    for some truly great Let's Play's check out the Achievement Hunters from Rooster Teeth. They have it down to a science.

    UGH, BD12 is better than all of the ones mentioned here - 'cept Sips.

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