Famous Video Game Lines, As Voiced By Gilbert Gottfried

Those lines from Fallout that gave us goose bumps back then sure sound different with comedian Gilbert Gottfried's voice. That's right, the voice of Iago, the annoying parrot from Aladdin, takes on famous video game lines from Super Mario 64, Final Fantasy VII and a lot more in this Game Informer video.

I was hoping for a Tidus laugh as well, but maybe next time.

Gilbert Gottfried Voices Our Favourite Games [Game Informer, YouTube]


    Wait... I haven't played any of the MGS games, but they really stole the story from the Arnie /DeVito movie 'Twins'? That's what people have been telling me is a great story all this time?

    I want him to be the new voice of Mario for all future games.

    I want Gilbert Gottfried to be my new DOTA2 announcer...

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