Comedy: Playing Shooters With A Steering Wheel

Comedy: Playing Shooters With A Steering Wheel

Playing Counter-Strike with a steering wheel does not increase your performance. It does, however, increase the fun times.

GamerMuscleVideos, playing as [KILLED YOU WITH A WHEEL], have put together my new favourite Counter-Strike vid, being that this isn't really about Counter-Strike at all. It's just about humiliating dudes by killing them with a steering wheel.

Though the fake e-sports commentary over the top is also excellent.

Killed You With A Wheel - Gamer Muscle Challenge [YouTube, via Daily Dot]


    Nah. True humiliation is beating other people at Mario Kart using a pair of DK Bongos.

    So... I just uninstalled CS:GO due to the risk of it making me fail university and now I am stuck watching CS:GO videos. God I need more self control...

    Aww, come on, this guy isn't even trying. Back when I did this (it would have been 2001 or 2002, from memory) I had the full wheel and pedals set going. Both pedals depressed was "look straight ahead" and I would release a pedal to look up or down accordingly. (e.g. release the right pedal, look up.)

    Good fun though.

    A frined of mine has already done this. Tho, he did it in a few differnt games to see how it went. So your a bit late to the party.

    Once, in Halo: Reach, on the Blood Gulch level, I killed a DMR spammer from across the map with my Assault Rifle.

    That was your brain, not the game. Don't blame the game.

    Back in AQ40, I raided with a fury warrior who played one night using a guitar hero controller

    I once played Battlefield 1942 with a graphic tablet. It wasn't terribly practical, but did allow for some interesting new maneuvers like smashing enemy soldiers with a rapidly spinning tank turret.

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