Competition: WIN A Trials Fusion Season Pass Every Day!

Insane. Yesterday's winning entry was so good that I have to admit that I doubted it. I doubted it was possible. I had to double check the worldwide leaderboards, but it's legit. Congrats to Sopra with a mindboggling entry that took him into the top 30 in the global Xbox 360 leaderboards.

His distance in Balancing Act? 639.644. Unreal.

Well done Sopra!

Now onto the next one!

How To Enter

The rules are simple. Each day this week I will choose a track. It is upon this track you will do battle. To enter you must play, get the quickest time possible, and then post your time (alongside an uploaded pic/screenshot of your time) in the comments below.

You have until 3pm the following day to post the best time you can. You can only post one time per comp, so make sure your time is as good as it can possibly be when you post it!

We'll announce the 1x daily winner in the competition the next day at 6pm, when I will choose another track for you all to compete on, and so forth!

You need to be over 18 and Australian to enter. Full terms and conditions.

Each day the winner will receive season pass for Trials Fusion on either the PlayStation 4 or the Xbox One. Already have a season pass? Why not spread the Trials love and give it to a friend. That'll give you one more person to compete with! Each player can only win one code, which will stop Kotaku legends like FatShady from dominating every day of the week.

For today's track? How about... Shivering Isles!

Good luck everyone!


    I'll set a record so others can know what to chase.


    Theres a lot more room for improvement but I need an early night tonight :)

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    OK, as a guide to the insanity about to follow in another night of trials record hunting.....

    Some of you may know Defoliator....... his time is ranked in the 30's on XB one at 29.7......

    Since my time on Tuesday ended up 37th on the rankings, and Sopra's insanity today was in the 30's too, I reckon that looks like the target time Triallist's...... I have no idea how to get down to that, but I will give it a damn good crack (PS - I just knocked off Fatshady, so it about 20 minutes he will set some stupidly fast time just to put me back in my place.......)

    Love your work people

    @bdkiaf That must just be me trolling.. surely

    Not even sure it's saving my times as im having issues with the net but whatever, was funny.

    Yeah im offline so times aren't saving, best was 30.4. was going after defoliator but he can have this one not sure if he is actually on here or not??

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    Gold sir shady..... gold.

    As you can see mine, and you can also see Alexander Owl, you could work out why I am pulling out hair now........ .05 is such a small amount, but enough to drive you round the bend when chasing a time...... I am fully expecting to see a certain Fatshady obliterating both those times in the morning, but I need sleep too.....

      A couple of hours ago I beat your time, and I was so happy, then I looked at the leaderboard and it said that you were ahead of me. You must have got a better time literally seconds after. Talk about a let down. I've been trying to beat you again, but no matter how hard I try I just can't do it, I can't even better my own previous best time. It's so frustrating

      My absolute best time (31.670) is the worst of all the times posted here, so to save myself further frustration I'm giving up on todays comp.

      You guys are so good at this.


        That little alert that comes up in the top left hand corner can be soul destroying.....

        I can't even work out which bike I need to use.... The roach is faster, but I lose time at the start and finish, but the pit viper loses heaps in the middle...... My current time is on the pit viper, but I am sure the roach could beat it if I did not make little errors......

        To give credit where it is due, Shady taught me huge amounts with Trials. He also taught my 7 year old lots, to the point where he has unlocked the extreme tracks on his profile, and beaten me on one of the skill showcase tracks (I have not tried too hard to win it back..... it is like his little piece of gold....). Trials is all about practice, and even then there will be people who are just in another league.

        Keep up the good work dude

    Wish I had the time to properly get involved in this T_T

    Thanks for this great competition. I won yesterday so i can't win any more. Posting up my time for todays track anyway for others to compete with.

    Will hopefully break into the 28s very soon.

    I tried really hard for this one, though I feel with a bit more time I could still shave a little more time off. Anyway, that's just life and this is my best time.....ever. 29.815

    Please feel free to add me on Xbox if you want! GT: Alexander Owl

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      Good work, I got 30.461... was hoping that it would be good enough. This is a fantastic time!

      Holy Damn! That's a fantastic time, well done.

      Also, I thought I added you the other night, but you're not showing up in my "friends" leaderboard.

    If anyone beats that I will be well impressed.... I thought I had you a few times but alas, not to be. Great time mate (30.38 was my best for the record....)

    Thanks man! It's my highest score on the leaderboards to date, I'm loving this comp, it's pushing me harder than ever to get good scores. Thanks Kotaku!

    My time is 29.778

    I thought I'd have a bash, since I'm a broke single dad and don't have the season pass.

    This time is very beatable. My beginning isn't the best but I had a strong finish.

    By the way, damn you guys are good! Didn't realise just how many Aussies, especially Kotakuians, are in that top 100. Represent!

      Woah, I didn't think anybody would beat @jalfrezy's time. That's an epic time man.

        Cheers man. @jalfrezy 's time is epic, I only beat it by a literal fraction of a tenth of a second. But I'm passed my prime. Back in the THD days I would break top 10 quite a lot. Alas, parenthood slows you down.

          You're preaching to the choir man.

          And to quote Dom in The Fast And The Furious "It don't matter if you win by an inch or a mile. Winning's winning".

    I am always being topped. As soon as I feel like l'm actually doing good at anything there is somebody who surpasses me and i just feel... cold. This competition is making my thoughts deeper it saddens me.
    Platform : PS4
    PSN : V410R3DHD
    SCORE : 00:29:938
    Proof :

      Don't be so hard on yourself dude. That's a great time. You're almost 2 whole seconds faster than me, and I'm pretty sure that's faster than @fatshadylive's time too.

        Yeah I was just so pumped but when I came on to post, and saw that I was topped twice :/ tis a bit annoying.

          Dude, anything south of 30 is boss. I thought my original time of 30.9 was MLG! Then I checked the comments and saw Owl's time and felt disheartened. Seriously, I feel like mere tenths of a second is almost luck.

          Edit: also, us xboxers have been playing trials for longer, this is our 3rd game. You really deserve the props =]

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    Dude..... epic. I thought jalfrezy was home, but that is another awesome run. And the precedent of top 30 runs being needed to win keeps going......

    My comments are taking hours to be approved so most people wont see my scores because they are too far gone.

    EDIT: Apparently now it is fine and goes through straight away. If anybody wants a challenge or another time to compete with my GT is on the Image.

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      I'm choking on your dust from that run =]

    No way I got beat!!! Congrats to Shadow then Sopra, nice times.

      Thank Jeebus for the 'you can't win twice' clause.

    Glad I didn't waste my time on this one like I did the last one.

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