Competition: WIN A Trials Fusion Season Pass Every Day!

Well done to Shadow for winning yesterday's comp with the incredible time of 29.778. Brilliant job man!

Also want to give a shoutout to Sopra. He wasn't eligible for this comp, after winning a code a few days back, but served as pacemaker for yesterday's competition with a ridiculous time of 29.197. Absolute machine.

How To Enter

The rules are simple. Each day this week I will choose a track. It is upon this track you will do battle. To enter you must play, get the quickest time possible, and then post your time (alongside an uploaded pic/screenshot of your time) in the comments below.

You have until 3pm the following day to post the best time you can. You can only post one time per comp, so make sure your time is as good as it can possibly be when you post it!

We'll announce the 1x daily winner in the competition the next day at 6pm, when I will choose another track for you all to compete on, and so forth!

You need to be over 18 and Australian to enter. Full terms and conditions.

Each day the winner will receive season pass for Trials Fusion on either the PlayStation 4 or the Xbox One. Already have a season pass? Why not spread the Trials love and give it to a friend. That'll give you one more person to compete with! Each player can only win one code, which will stop Kotaku legends like FatShady from dominating every day of the week.

For today's track? How about we try Park and Ride?

Good luck everyone!


    Well hot dang! Was nice to win something! I haven't checked Kotaku all week since I only have prepaid mobile data so lucky I did today. I wish I'd seen this earlier so I could have competed on the other days too.

    Also, if I'd known I was gonna win I would have dressed my rider in something a bit nicer for the replay.

    Good luck guys.

    Getting in early.

    Track: Park and Ride
    Bike: Pit Viper
    Time: 49:042

    Alrighty, not entering for comp, just for fun... sitting on 47.611

    hmmmm.... how do I actually get to my xbox to play trials on a saturday when the kids want to play instead..... #firstworldproblems.....

    Posting up my time for the day.

    Good luck to everyone eligible.

      phwoar! Might have to jump on later... I know I can do better, but hard to get a run without one or two hitches. Nicely done!

    My times keep shooting up the leaderboards thanks to this competition! Congrats to all the past winners!

    Here's my time for today: 47.610
    Xbox 360, Pit Viper

    And that makes me 0.001 faster than Sughly :)

    (Sorry about the bad picture quality... took the photo on my iPad)

    Last edited 03/05/14 2:05 pm

    Could (and will!) catch @sughly's time, because we both have some massive inefficiencies in our run, but I'll settle for 47.918.

    Gotta go play soccer now. Tomorrow, @sughly, your time will be mine!

      Yeah I know right, cant quite seem to get a solid run on this. Might try later... might not. I think if you beat me... I probably will ^^

    I'm doing terrible now haha guess my luck has run out

    My times have stopped uploading :( oh well here is my best

    Is anyone else having this problem on the Xbox One?

    Last edited 03/05/14 2:50 pm

      Was having the same issue a little while ago..... Seems to have cleared up again now for me. I just could crack the 47's on this one. All you guys with 46's are ridiculously awesome......

      On a more serious note.... what the hell do we do each day now the daily challenges are over!!!!!! Save us Serrels!!!!!!!!!

    Here is mine
    Track Park and Ride
    Bike Roach
    Time 49.052

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