Dark Souls II One Of The Few Positives For Namco Bandai's Bottom Line

Dark Souls II has done alright for publisher Namco Bandai and developer From Software, shifting a chunky 1.2 million copies to masochistic gamers everywhere. That's great for Namco's games department... and Namco as a whole, considering the rest of its business didn't do so great over the last 12 months.

As Gamasutra's Mark Rose writes, Namco Bandai's recent profits amounted to $US246.6 million, which while a lot of cash, is actually 22.6 per cent less than what it pulled in the year before. In terms of pure revenue, games contributed $829.1 million (an increase of $US4.8 million) and along with Dark Souls II, was helped by God Eater 2 and Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z, which sold 700,000 and 620,000 copies respectively.

So where's Namco Bandai taking the hit? Amusement machines, apparently. It's also predicting a drop of 14 per cent in its games business this year, despite the success of From Software's punishing RPG. I guess that means there isn't a third game in the pipeline just yet...

Dark Souls II helps Namco Bandai's game business stay healthy [Gamasutra]


    At least they can operate on realistic sales targets rather than aiming for 6 million copies of everything.
    Comes back to what Jim Sterling was saying with a realistic budget for a niche title.

      Problem is that they tried that for Dark Souls 2, aiming for more copies sold by uping the advertisement budget.

    I guess that means there isn’t a third game in the pipeline just yet…Only if Project Beast (also rumoured to be Demon's Souls II) is just a rumour.

    Interestingly, the last FOUR retail games I've bought were all published by Namco Bandai.

    (Dark Souls II, Earth Defense Force 2025, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z, Armored Core: Verdict Day)

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