Diablo III Comes To PS4 And Xbox One This August

Diablo III Comes To PS4 And Xbox One This August

The third Diablo game will finally hit current-gen consoles (minus Wii U) in August 2014. Blizzard announced today that the Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition — which includes both the base game and the recently released expansion, Reaper of Souls — will be out on August 19.

In addition to PS4 and Xbox One, the Ultimate Evil Edition (what a name!) will also be available for PS3 and Xbox 360. It will be $US60 on current-gen, $US40 on last-gen.

Via Blizzard:

The console version of Reaper of Souls has been designed to take advantage of the unique features of the console platforms. All four console versions of the Ultimate Evil Edition feature4-player same-screen and online multiplayer — whether you’re banding together on the same couch or joining the fray via PlayStation®Network or the Xbox Live online entertainment network, Reaper of Souls makes it easy to experience Diablo in the best way possible: with your friends.

The Ultimate Evil Edition introduces even more ways for players to share their adventures. A new Apprentice mode boosts low-level players’ power while adventuring with high-level friends, making it easier than ever to play together. Players will also be able to share treasures with other players on their friends lists via an in-game mail system, including mysterious Player Gifts containing rare loot for the adventurer whose name they bear.

You’ll also be able to transfer your characters from the PS3/360 versions, although Blizzard hasn’t talked about any plans to allow upgrades.


  • Excellent! Glad I held off on the 360 version now! And my mates actually thought it would be ps4 exclusive :p

    • The marketing will just leave them to think that the xbone version doesn’t exist. Similar to the xbox 360 version.

  • excited to play this. smashed through the expac on PC. got 1000 achi points on the 360 and now ill play it again on the xbox one 🙂 good times.

  • Sweet. I was hoping for something to keep me entertained between Watch Dogs and Dragon Age: Inquisition.

    This’ll do, pig. This’ll do!

  • Loving D3 on PC these days… ACIV is sitting half finished… Big numbers more loot bigger numbers need bigger loot!!

  • Same-couch multiplayer! That still exists?

    That alone is enough to sell me on this.

  • Bugger! We just got the 360 version a couple of weeks ago, It really is a lot of fun with three of us on the couch though… might be one of the few games i’ll upgrade to the xbs4 version.

    Was a little sceptical of how well it would work on console but we’re loving it, gets seriously manic with three players on the same screen, but manic in that perfect “burst out laughing at the insanity of it all” way.

  • I finished Diablo 3 on Normal last night with the witch doctor. Killed Diablo in roughly 3 minutes. No need for dodging. Just endless exploding dogs, fire bats and a particularly pissed of Gigantaur.

    Although clearly it is the introductory difficulty – I was quite disappointed at how easy it was.

    As soon as you are decked out in mostly legendary gear – there is was no significant challenge whatsoever.

    My question is – Is it really worth a second play through? I enjoyed it – but if it is just going to be literally running through dungeons never really losing any health is there any point?

    • Hahaaha dood play it through on the next difficulty you will see a large spike in it compared to normal. I was the same way with my monk then got to my third play through and was like ouch this is brutal.

      • Ahh right awesome. I will give it another run through.

        I found with the WD you are a bit rubbish at the start before you get exploding dogs and some of the passive skills that assist that.

        But when you do … gad damn you are a wave of mass destruction.

        Another question.

        If I just go to ‘Continue’ after the end game – and the game restarts. Is that then on the harder difficulty?

        • I believe now (if you have reaper of souls) you can select whatever difficulty you like whenever you like. my first play through with my crusader is at the moment on the hard difficulty as I found normal way too easy. With the old Diablo 3 I think the continue will put you back in act 1 on the next difficulty.

  • +1 You will find yourself dodging more and avoiding hits, worth another play mate.

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