Does Science Equal Truth? 8-Bit Philosophy Ponders The Answer

Thug Notes’ 8-Bit Philosophy might be the best way to learn about Nietzsche’s Critique of Scientific Positivism. See? You’re already falling asleep, but add a little Mega Man action, and you’ll perk right up.

For those of you new to philosophy, it’s the study of blowing people’s minds with meaningless words that actually sound incredibly deep and thoughtful. But what is meaning? Who am I to say what is meaningful or meaningless? Do I consider myself some sort of Rosetta stone, a key that can be used to decipher the purpose of this reality?

Yeah, pretty much. Anyway, Nietzsche — he’s peachy.


  • To save the trouble of watching a long winded video:
    ‘Think critically of everything, neither science nor religion, nor philosophy, are infallible’.
    Alternatively, use common sense and discretion.

    On the topic of how/why/if fire works? Because physics. Because the numerous sub-branches of physics, and the requisite experience and knowledge required to communicate at every level and in every specialisation, are hindered by language; there exists the knowledge to explain why fire, but very few people will be capable of communicating or understanding this knowledge.

    • ‘Think critically of everything, neither science nor religion, nor philosophy, are infallible’.

      Nor are they comparable. Out of those 3, which do you think dislikes being examined critically the most?

  • This is stupid. We don’t worship science, it’s not a cult and it’s not a belief. It’s knowledge. It exists, and is true, regardless of your belief. Ofcourse we have to think critically of it, that’s how science works. It works because it stands up to criticism. The problem occurs when you start criticizing something you don’t know much about, and then think you’re opinions are just as valid as people who are experts in the field

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