Dying Light Delayed To February 2015

Briefly: Originally planned for a 2014 release, free-running zombie apocalypse game Dying Light is now being aimed at a February release next year. A post on the game's official site says that developer Techland is taking more time to make Dying Light live up to their expectations.


    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I was looking forward to this so much! :(

    Thats what this game is called. I couldn't for the life of me remember

      Did you get confused by reports of Daylight releasing a week or two ago? I know I did. :)
      (For like... maybe as long as it took to look at a screenshot, anyway.)

    More fodder for my tinfoil hat suspicions that initial plans for the consoles put the ideal launch at Christmas 2014, which would've kept the engineers happy, but thanks to leaks, SuperDAE's durango reveal, industrial espionage, and the resultant arms race (no-one in the industry would be under any illusions that 360 vs PS3 dominance was anything other than thanks to having a year's head-start), development was pushed forward by an entire year.

    It would certainly explain:

    1. 'Did it the morning it was due' mixed-messaging from Microsoft in the xbone's early days

    2. Baffling missing life-extending/ease-of-replacement features like backwards compatibility.

    3. The clusterfuck practically untested launch dashboards, day-one multi-gigabyte online-required* patches which otherwise would've been rolled out as base install.

    4. A grand total of four* AAA launch titles, a couple ports, and two dozen indies which the PR guys used to claim as an 'expansive' (*cough*bullshit*cough*) launch line-up, with all the REAL next-gen titles launching mid-late 2014 (with no doubt some SIGNIFICANT crunch/hatchet-work - second son seem kinda short, anyone?), or early 2015 (per the ORIGINAL schedule).

      Yeah I've felt pretty good about holding out so far (though I feel that may change when E3 rolls around)

    Pretty excited for this, and I can't say that I'm not disappointed, but if it means we get a more polished game in the end then so be it.

    awwww, as long as they're delaying to improve the game or fix bugs I'm ok with it, Dead Island was a mess at launch (still loved it though). So looking forward to it.

    As long as the game works properly when it's out and is as fun as I'm hoping, I don't mind the delay. If it still feels like Dead Island's 'okay but too clunky' implementation I'm going to be a bit bummed.

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