EA Hasn’t Forgotten About Battlefield 4

EA Hasn’t Forgotten About Battlefield 4

The big Battlefield news this week was about Hardline, but EA doesn’t want you think that means it’s forgotten about Battlefield 4. Longtime series developer Karl Magnus Troedsson wrote a blog post yesterday assuring fans of the still-struggling online multiplayer shooter that DICE will “continue to improve the BF4 experience” as best it can.

“Yes, we’re very excited to partner with Visceral on the development of Battlefield Hardline,” Troedsson wrote, “but ongoing work to refine and enhance BF4 remains a top priority.”

Let’s hope that means that Battlefield 4’s persistent performance issues will finally be resolved — and soon.


    • Well said, my friend.

      The article itself comes off as pretty desperate. I think they were afraid that people would assume they would stop working on fixing BF4.

      But considering its been this long, I highly doubt EA will schedule any real fix to BF4.

      • They’re working at updating BF4 so that it will become playable. Not fixing issues that come after people start breaking the game.

      • No doubt, all the patches seem pretty minor tbh.

        I think some patches even hide issues instead of fixing them. Like when they said they fixed the 1hit kill bug. I still died in one shot, but now theres a headshot icon that comes up, even when buildings fall on you lol. (That might be fixed now though idk.)

        Lately I find the game just ok. It never got to be as stable as BF3, which in it’s self wasn’t the most stable game. But it’s just ok. It’s at a state now that it should have been on release.

        The funny thing was, back on BF3, I had the same problem most people had with BF4 kicking them and saying ‘disconnected form EA’s server’ or other messages. I posted on forums asking for help and everyone said I was trolling and that there was nothing wrong with the game, or that it was my internet connection. (Btw, my internet was fine as it never happened to my brother who played on the same connection on an almost identical rig, but eh.)

        Only after BF4 came out and many others started experiencing problems did I start hearing about how BF3 wasn’t perfect either lol. But it’s a good eye opener concerning EA (And now Ubisoft with Watchdogs I suppose).

  • Dumb question…

    With an iterative game, like Battlefield or CoD, every time they patch it… do those patches get added to the further itterations?
    I mean, if Battlefield 4 has recieved all these patches, then the next Battlefield game should have all those fixes pre intergrated… and the problems with it will be new ones, right?

    • Who knows. There’s been bugs in BF4 that were in BF3 and then patched out. They’ll fix something in a patch for BF4 and then one or two patches later that same bug reappears. The maps they brought in from BF3 have some of the same glitches and bugs that were in BF3. If I’m not mistake I believe I read glitches that were patched out in BF3 are there currently in the BF4 versions.

      So DICE is a mess with how they manage such things.

      I think one thing which is key is, as much as everyone goes ‘these are the same games re skinned with new maps.’ They’re often completely new games built off the same engine. So problems reoccur. It also depends where they were fixed. In the build of the game, or a fix built into the engine.

  • I personally think DICE and EA deserve way more shit for BF4 than they have gotten. The fact that this long after launch, after the next title is announced they are still promising fans they will fix the game.

    Now I played a lot of BF4 but the game is full of issues and bugs. It’s evidenced it was completely rushed.

    This statement is purely because DICE/ EA lied about putting other projects on hold until they fix BF4 and now they have to announce this years game which flies in the face of those assurances they made fans.

    Clearly what happened is, DICE and everyone just went along there way finishing the DLC for BF4. Working on the next games. Now with the CTE for BF4 they have turned their attention to fixing the problems so the next game will not have them. Yes I am sure they will make BF4 much better. However myself and my mates stopped playing. I may return for DLC if it’s fixed.

    To me I never felt like I have properly played BF4. I have played a lot, but it’s more just stupid mucking around. Not the true battlefield experience. A big reason for this is that it’s not satisfying. You die and it’s shitty netcode where you know there’s nothing you could do to have stopped yourself getting killed. So you can’t take playing it, winning or losing seriously.

    Before some smart arse comes up and says, ‘but Hardline is not DICE.’ DICE has working on the multiplayer for it.

    • I agree.

      Regardless of the state of the game, what gets to me is how many times they have said there is nothing wrong with the game.

      If you went to their facebook page over the launch period it was FULL of complaints and yet also full of statements then, and later that stated they were working on the issues and that the issues are more miner than people were making out and, further more, only affected a small amount of people.

      Guess small amount of people because every time I log on, if I can, there are fewer and fewer servers 😉

      And, on top of that, the game is, to this day, less satisfying than BF3. The game feels like a fan made F2P game (Given the whole balltepacks for sale thing it feels that was now more than ever.) The first time I played it it had no weight to it (This is on PC maxed out 60fps btw). You sorta floated around rubber banding and getting stuck on every piece of rubble lol. I had more fun glitching out than playing haha.

      No to mention that they promised to stop working on stuff until the game was fixed. The proceeded to fix nothing (They actually added a headshot icon for when you died from one shot, that even played when a building falls on you (It might be fixed now IDK) and said they fixed the one hit kill bug LOL). Then they waited a little while, swept it under the rug and released the DLC. Since then there have been no statements to the games state at current other than: “We will continue to make the experience better” or what ever.

      It’s like their whole stance on the game is: “It’s not as bad as they say, come on bye it ;)”

      Plus it’s interesting that DICE aren’t doing the next one. I know its most likely because EA want it yearly like CoD, but maybe it has something to do with BF4. Maybe EA have ‘lost confidence’ in DICE. (Which is stupid because I blame EA for this mess not DICE.)

      Regardless EA and Ubisoft are the two publishers that I don’t trust anymore and in the future will refrain from buying their games anywhere near their launch period, until they either get fixed or fall of the map.

  • ‘DICE will “continue to improve the BF4 experience” as best it can’.

    I love the phrase “as best it can”.

    Not “DICE will fix the problems”, because who among us believes that any more? But “DICE will try their best, which from all evidence so far means you’re probably stuck with these problems until Battlefield 5 where you’ll get to encounter a whole new series of problems”.

  • Visceral are just as bad they left a bunch of bugs in Dead space 1 and 2 that never got fixed. So im sure BF5 will be just fine and will be the best one yet. . . . . . . . pffft stop getting into bed with EA they dont care if they ruin your company infact thats what they wont so they can buy you out and add you to the borg hive mind. Resistance is futile

  • “EA Hasn’t Forgotten About Battlefield 4”

    of course they haven’t. What kind of silly comment is that? XD

  • I didn’t buy BF4 because the only substantial difference over 3 that I could see was the player count on the new consoles, and I don’t have one of them yet;

    Well the other day I got BF3 for free on PC complete with the bigger player count (my PC is a lot better than the one I had back then) so there’s no impetus for me to upgrade now – this hard line looks interesting though – hopefully that works better than its predecessor

  • I’ve had BF4 on both PS4 and PC. I try to hate on EA as much as everyone else for the state of the game but I have to say; I just don’t see it. I’m yet to see anything on PS4 and the bugs I’ve encountered in BF4 were all present in BF3. I’m one of the lucky ones I guess, I just can’t speak to the bad experiences that I haven’t had.

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