EA’s Walk Of Fame Is Also A Wall Of Infamy

EA’s Walk Of Fame Is Also A Wall Of Infamy

Artist Christopher Lee did this enormous mural that adorns the walls at EA’s global HQ. Each panel belongs to a game or series that EA either makes or owns.

It’s a fantastic piece! Though while surely intended to showcase the company’s strengths and hit series (FIFA, The Sims, etc), the fact it also pays tribute to some of EA’s less successful ventures (the dreadful Medal of Honour reboots, any basketball project they have attempted lately) must sting a little.

Electronic Arts Mural [Christopher Lee, via XombieDirge]

EA’s Walk Of Fame Is Also A Wall Of Infamy
EA’s Walk Of Fame Is Also A Wall Of Infamy
EA’s Walk Of Fame Is Also A Wall Of Infamy
EA’s Walk Of Fame Is Also A Wall Of Infamy


  • Im kinda embarrassed to admit this but…. below is all I got when trying to name them all (Left -> Right)

    (Dragon Age)
    Knight of the Old Republic
    The Sims
    Plants vs Zombies
    Mass Effect
    Madden NFL
    Need for Speed

    The Old Republic
    Dragon Age
    The Simpsons
    Mass Effect
    (Googled it)
    Mass Effect
    (Star Wars: Battlefront)
    Mirrors Edge
    Max Payne
    (Dead Space)
    Mass Effect

    Edits: Added suggestions in brackets to try and complete the list :o)

    • first one I’m gonna guess is Dragon age, the last one and same one in the middle would be Titanfall? And Dead Space is in there near the end as well

    • I believe the 3rd blank one after Need for Speed is Monopoly?

      And the blank one after Mass Effect Garrus Vakarian I’m pretty sure is SWTOR.

      • The star wars one isn’t from TOR, it’s an original trilogy era thing. My guess would be Battlefront 3, since the snowspeeder is one of the three ‘vehicles’ in the original teaser trailer (along with the AT-AT and probot)

    • The green alien thing after Need For Speed could be anything, but I’m guessing Spore?

    • Could the guy in Camouflage and a sniper be a reference to the Battlefield games?

      @wizz-fizz Also the guy soon after Spore I believe is the concept art for the Pilots in Titanfall.

      Edit: Added another suggestion

  • The first Medal of Honor on the PSone is still one of my favourite gaming memories, especially the opening couple of levels. So atmospheric *puts rose tinted glasses on*

    • Back when MoH and CoD were in actual competition with each other for top spot in single-player cinematic-gameplay recreations of WW2 scenarios. Good times.

      (Edit: With CoD winning because while the tales of the US Airborne were certainly compelling, and we all wanted to play Saving Private Ryan: The Game, but CoD showed us things we didn’t see often like the Russian front and the British inception of the Commando unit.)

  • Does anyone know who the girl in the red hood and wielding flaming axes is? She appears to have feathered claws for hands?

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