EB Games Having 'Biggest Sale Ever', Hyperbole Free

This just in from the exaggeration police: EB Games are actually having quite a standard sale, for them, despite stores being decorated as if it's Carnivale. Still, there are quite a few good finds in there.

Most of the best deals I've seen so far are Nintendo related — perhaps more stock than could be moved for the 3DS and Wii U? The Professor Layton games are great, and Rayman Legends for Wii U is a steal at $23 brand new.

You can find several triple-A titles for below the $40, $30, and even $20 mark.

See anything you like? Anything worth picking up? Let us know the best deals you can find below.



    I'm actually tempted to pick up Pokemon Black/White 1 and 2 since I skipped out on them.
    and if I had a 3DS I would really like some of those 3DS games.

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      You can skip black/white 1, they where bad. B/W 2 a much better.

    Don't they have their biggest sale ever at around this time pretty much every year?

    Many of their sale prices are still higher than online stores like OzGameShop, though.

      I picked up the "GotY" edition of Borderlands 2 for $28; even if it wasnt discounted from their usual $58, it's still cheaper than what steam was offering (which left me shocked)

    Saw that Child of light game for 15 bucks, is that worth the coin?

    Apparently there is a long list of games that have had a sudden 'price increase' just before the sale. When is something going to be done about this ?
    This is a regular thing with Big W and now JB HiFi are doing it too. It's a good way to lose customer faith in your store.

      it may seem that way but it all depends on the various supplier's rebate periods. the rebates allow retailers that payed $x for something to be able to discount it to a level lower than what was paid for it. sometimes a supplier will end a rebate only to re-instate it sometimes only days later. from the outside it looks shonky but at the retail level it can't be helped.

      although in the case of big w/target/kmart/et al... they use these "loss leaders" to get peops into the store to spend up on other junk.

      Yep. GTA5, last of Us and AssCreed4 suddenly went back to the original RRP.

      And yet Australian retailers are whinging that too many customers are shopping online these days. Go figure.

      Another reason why I think they get away with this is because (at least in this sale) they're not advertising x% off, so a game that was $30 now upmarked to $50 but then sold 'on sale' for $20 is still legitimately advertised as cheaper than before.

      Still dodgy tho...

    Last weekend I bought the Bucaneer Edition of Assassin's Creed IV for $47... I even double checked with the guy at the store that it wasn't an error. That's the same price they were selling the standard copy for.

      Ah cocks. I thought me paying 60 2 weeks back was a good price...

        Yeah... I had kept holding out for ages... very nearly bought it (the standard version) for about $50 something... glad I held out though. Craziest part though would have to be when I was talking to the guy in store. He said it had been sitting there for a week already and nobody had touched it. He said if it hadn't gone by Sunday he was going to buy it and sell it on ebay.

    Not bad. It wasn't that long ago I thought those "2 for $X" deals were the best you could hope for from EB.

    I still need miracle mask and azran legacy to complete my layton collection, may pick these up

      I think I saw them cheap at Target. Possibly. Maybe. Actually wait no that was Last Spectre, my bad.

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        Professor Layton's gotten that way with me: "OOoh! It's cheap- wait, do I have that one? Have to go home and check... :/"

      I just got the azran legacy preowned. can't wait!

    Monster Hunter HD on Wii U is $34 or $36. Various official Wii U and licensed headphones/sets are like 60-80% off too.

    Rayman Legends on PS3 is $19, I assume Xbox 360 too. Cheaper than Wii U.

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    I'll wait for the Steam Sale in about 4-6 weeks

    I picked up a Wii U basic w Mariokart (preorder) and Skylanders SW (Instant trade back) for $279 at Broadway EB... That's pretty much the best deal on a Wii U you will ever find. If anyone else is waiting to pick up a Wii U, this would be hard to pass up.

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    Hey, I might pickup some deals from Nintendo. I have no games for my 3DS.

    I just realised that EB Games are trying to squeeze some money out of customers before they spend it all in the steam sale.

      We are a profit-based business, of course we're trying to make money. However, not all of us who work for EB are soulless automatons constructed by The Man to bring the honest gamer down. We are actually normal, and it freaking sucks every time we read another (usually Junglist) article having a go.

    Bought preowned Fable III for $7 half off the marked price - started playing and really enjoying it so far

    not much of a sale unless you wanna get old games. they never compete with new games, they have watchdogs for $99 on ps4 when you can get it at Big W for $64 JB and Gametraders for $79

      Yeah a game not worth any of those figures....

      Eb price matches. Putting a new game on sale defeats the purpose as cost price is quite high still. You will find Big W and Jb probably don't make a profit off their games division, which is why they get less than fuck all copies in. Same goes for Target, K-Mart etc

    Tales of Xillia Limited Edition (Day One edition) is only $36! It's the cheapest Australian version you can buy! (I dought you could get it lower than this, especially the Limited Edtion! Unless you get super lucky on a Ebay auction)

    Rhythmn Thief and Professor Layton bargains! :)

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