EVE Online's Real-World Monument Has Already Been Vandalised

EVE Online's Real-World Monument Has Already Been Vandalised

The real, physical monument to EVE Online players hasn't even been open for a week, but already it's been vandalised.

A player tweeted over the weekend that they'd visited the monument and scratched a player's name off the landmark.

That player is Xenuria, someone with a...controversial past in the game. While well-known (and a well-known troll), Xenuria has been accused by the game's governing council of being a member of hacking grop lulzsec, something Xenuria denies.

Whether people hated Xenuria or not, that's not the point. You vandalise a memorial, you attack every name on it, not to mention looking like an idiot for bringing online disagreements into the real world. Dick move.

@The_Real_Gevlon [Twitter, via NeoGAF]


    And you just gave him the recognition he so badly wanted. Well done Luke.

      Think about this statement people and what's actually problematic about it.

    He cant be part of lulsec since Sabu gave it to the feds.

    I'd be upset too if someone I knew was in a "hacking grop."

      I wondered what a "grop" was to.

        Ah we have a couple of spelling bee entrants in here I see. What is there to wonder about? Are you really that stupid that you don't know a typo when you see one? Of course you aren't. So get over it. It is a typo. They happen. Pedantry is not an endearing trait. Especially useless pedantry, because anyone who isn't mentally challenged (including yourself, you aren't mentally challenged) knows what word "grop" is meant to be. It is only pedantic tools who actually care about typos or take the time out to make comments about them.

          I know what you mean. It's like there's this weird expectation for the authors to be professional writers or something.

          That would be true if it were anywhere else, but this is Kotaku. These people are meant to be somewhat professional. The least they could do is spell check their article.

            Spelling flames have been uncool since at least the early 90s. They waste everybody's time, and frequently contain spelling errors themselves, occasionally including errors that are clearly not deliberate. (I'm not sure whether the typo in Trogue12's post was deliberate. I can live without finding out.)

            Typos exist. They crop up even in highly professional publications. Calling them out is very clever, but fundamentally a waste of everybody's time.

              Then by your reasoning, commenting on people who comment on typos is wasting every bodies time - cos everybody online is there for srs bsbs only...

          Yes, typos happen. Besides, it's not just mentally challenged people that won't know what it should be. There are plenty of legitimate reasons for someone to not be able to infer the true intent of the sentence such as English being a second language, poor literacy skills, or people with problems such as dyslexia. It is also not unreasonable to expect someone who makes their living by writing to put a little more care into correcting such obvious mistakes. It's the equivalent of a mathematician forgetting to carry the one or putting the decimal in the wrong place. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to make comments about typos though.

          Last edited 06/05/14 7:51 pm

          tishler, you seem kind of wound up. why can't we all just hug it out like men?

    Woah, calm down, it's not the ANZAC memorial.

    And even though I don't play EVE, don't it's players revel in the politics, backstabbing and sabotage within the game? Does this behaviour not fit the EVE theme?
    (It was still a dick move and if they scratched off that dead fellas name I would agree it's in bad taste)

    I imagine this is just the start of things to come. If people have such strong conflicting communities in game, it's only natural they will take that in to a physical representation of that game. Can't wait till till someone takes over the memorial by draping it in their clans colours to annoy other groups

    Those names aren't in any kind of order. So he had to actually look over every single name on every surface piece in order to find it.

      Or he may have just randomly seen the name and thought "Fuck this guy, he doesn't deserve to be here"
      Edit: there is also an app that will help you find a name.

      Last edited 06/05/14 12:50 am

      there is a website which gives you the exact location of a player name for this monument (was posted in another kotaku arty)
      don't know the link but I'm pretty sure that's what was used to find the player name...

    The only thing that came to mind is when Spicoli walks into class late, and Mr. Hand asks him to leave, he turns to Mr. Hand and you're a DICK! The only thing I can think of to call the vandal at the moment..

    Some people are just douche bags and don't realize thr value of all in a memory. As soon as you scratch one, the memory becomes distorted.

    This. It's actually a very EVE thing to do, really.

    And yes, that last paragraph is very Helen Lovejoy.

      That was a reply to @namiwakiru but Kotaku's recent site issues somehow put it as a new comment. Not sure who broke the site, but they need a poke in the eye.

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