Everything WildStar Has To Offer In One Final Pre-Launch Trailer

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Carbide Studios’ massively multiplayer online science fiction role-playing game launches a week from today, with early start kicking off on Saturday at 12.01am Pacific (5.01pm AEST). That makes this final features trailer the big pre-launch push for WildStar — if you don’t see something you like here, just keep on playing whatever you were playing.

I’m quite looking forward to the game, and plan to be playing around launch time, as long as I get another MMO-related task out of the way first. I’ve puttered around with the beta, but have been saving myself for the full launch. I can’t wait to see what sort of community coalesces around this weird little space game.


  • I wonder how many aussie players there will be cause nothing worse than playing this US players in their time zone.

    • I’ll be starting an Aussie Dominion guild for this at launch (3-day headstart), attempt to get a group going for 20 man raiding further down the line. Keep an eye on TAY if interested =] Will post details for which server and toon to pst once the game is up and running

  • If I could roll this on my iMac i would join in, but I got a PS4 exactly because I don’t want to invest in a game rig right now.

    • I still believe that’s at least part of the reason for World Of Warcraft’s success. Regardless of the computer / operating system you have, you can run it. Other MMOs should take note of that approach.

  • Seriously looking forward to this game. Me and my fiance have been waiting on this for a long time. The beta was fantastic and getting our grubby little hands on this will be awesome as hell.

    For those Aussie players wondering; even playing on stateside servers, I experienced little to zero lag over the 4 beta weekends I took part in. Will be starting a guild of my own with the intent on raiding. Vent already ready to go and building the foundation of players/guildmates. Looking forward to many a good time with this game.

  • Would be nice to see some one put together an at least half well populated OCE guild (exile of course, bugger those smelly dominion ho bags), a friend of mine tried but during the beta replies were low.

    Back on subject however, there are only a couple of days left until my granok warrior can return to laugh off all the squishies.

  • played the beta – was very impressed. im still plugging away at WoW – but for those who are looking for a good game – this seems to have it all.

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