Everything Wrong With X-Men Origins: Wolverine In 14 Minutes

Video: “We didn’t need an entire Origins movie to know that sensitive Logan is boring.” The CinemaSins “Everything Wrong With” treatment can be applied to pretty much any movie, but it works better with some than others. Unfortunately, X-Men Origins: Wolverine has more than enough silly tropes to make it work.

X-men Origins: Wolverine In 14 Minutes [CinemaSins]


  • Everything wrong with this movie : It was made by Fox.

    I’m sorry Deadpool you will be avenged!

    • Whatever kind of monster thinks you should take a fantastic character, paired with a fantastic actor, then rob them of screen time and take away access to what makes them both great? Just… so wrong.

      • I know. especially when said great actor has invested so much time and has been very vocal about the character and is now invested in doing another movie as him.

    • No we didnt need it. But it does help that someone finally counted all the things that were wrong, as I only got to 5 before I started getting woozy and had to lay down.

      • LOL! After watching the video, I was trying to pose the question in the same style as the video reviewer did. I guess that didn’t come across very well. 🙂

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