Everything You Need To Know About Destiny

Has any game in the last five years had more video diaries, developer diaries, gameplay previews than Destiny? Seriously. This game has been the basis of a ridiculous amount of video/marketing content, but for some reason I just eat it up and want more.

This video, released on Sony's PlayStation channel is sort of a primer for Bungie's latest project. It's an 'Everything You Need To Know' video. Surprisingly, given all that we already know about the game, there are a few new details in there — there was for me at least.

Anyway, I'm still pretty excited for this game, so I'm happy to scramble for any nugget of info.


    Pretty excited for this, but I'm trying my hardest to stay away from any videos, previews, reviews etc. so I can just go in fresh and get maximum enjoyment out of it.

    I think the VidDocs are great. Bungie is known for them and I encourage them to keep making more of them. Bungie released so many when Halo 3 and Halo: Reach were announced and up untill their initial releases that it kept you informed about the game and didn't feel overwhelmed when first playing the titles.

    I think more studios should do this instead of just releasing cinematic trailers. They are all well and good. But I feel these VidDocs give you a greater understanding and idea of the game that you will be getting and playing for 100+ hours post launch.

    I'm so keen on this game. Been following the reddit sub scavenging for info.

    Also if you are looking to get into the beta. Just go to JB-hifi and pre order it with. In store you can just put a small deposit (i put 5bucks) then they will give you the beta key in the receipt.

    On release I'll probably buy it somewhere else, unless they can do the price match. Since JB decided to be the most expensive game retailer in aus

      I preorderd destiny for ps3 the other day (online) for $90 free shipping to the door, two days after release. which is cheaper than Eb games by $15, not much but it all adds up.

      Only problem with JB is that they wont send me my beta access code until closer to release date :(

    everything i need to know about Destiny is..... why the hell it is not coming to PC even though they have a $500Million budget

      Because they're spending all that budget on these documentaries... and paying Marty O'Donnell's redundancy

      It will come, eventually. Probably signed a contract with PS4 and Xbox to put it to console first and PC version will come back half a year later.

        wouldn't surprise me if that was true, but its pretty sad that to sell there console they need pay for timed exclusivity

        From what I gather Bungie don't do PC games, so they'd have to export it to someone else to do a port.. So I can't overly see that happening...

    I just don't have time anymore to game online, I really wish this was going to have a deep offline campaign.

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      Even tho its an online game, they already mentioned that you can achieve things by playing 30-40mins. Its not like you going to delv into a 6h raid.

    Am I the only person who's not that interested in Destiny? I love Bungie but there's nothing about the game that makes me think I must play it.

      I must completely agree, even though I haven't seen much of the game play, trailers, etc I just don't think it will be that good. Form what I understand (correct me if I am wrong) but isn't it just a mmo/fps? Like sure enough it is Bungie but honestly it just doesn't appeal to me

        The ideas sound appealing, but it doesn't seem like I must play it.

          the idea sounds appealing but its more of an, oh i understand the appeal for other people who like to play online and have time to kill and can wait for exciting things to happen.
          i on the other hand played maybe 3 hours of gaming last week.
          i damn well want the most enjoyable and exciting 3 hours i can get.
          destiny doesn't look like i will have the time to get enough out of it to be worthwhile.

      Of course you aren't the only one and even though there are doubts as to whether it will depart from the concept of Halo sufficiently I propose that it will be a success — a lot of people will play it.

        I'm not expecting Halo. If I got Halo I would be really annoyed.

      I was somewhat excited but the hype train derailed for me long ago. I still follow news stories about it but it feels like the carrot dangling in front of me has gone mouldy. These familiar landscapes are becoming less interesting as much of the footage we still see has been around since announcement. I would like to see new worlds & environments, armour, enemies... just something to keep my interests piqued.

        Show too much, there's no surprises. Maybe they're trying to pull another Flood plot twist.

    I can't wait to get my hands on Destiny and while they are releasing a steady stream of videos, they are simply not showing ANYTHING new since last E3. While they talk about it all they can, about how revolutionary this game is going to be because it does this and that, it is not showing me it can do this and that. I need to be convinced again this E3 and the Beta on Bungie Day to make sure i keep my preorder at this stage.

    "Has any game in the last five years had more video diaries, developer diaries, gameplay previews than Destiny? Seriously."

    Perhaps Star Citizen by Chris Roberts and his minions?

    Multiplayer that you can ignore? Okay sounds potentially interesting

    I want to be excited about this game but no matter how much I watch all I see is a FPS MMO. In the video above they talk about becoming a legend but I bet no one will be talking about how awesome I am when they have done the same exact thing. This is the problem with increasing the number of players in the world beyond the limits of co-op. There is no longer an epic story as there are loads of these stories being told and you now become the norm not the exception.
    I may end up renting this just like I did with Titanfall.

    Halo died after 3 IMO. Fuck this.

      I see you are totally avoiding spoilers about this next Halo game.

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