Fetch Quest Fatigue

Fetch Quest Fatigue

Briefly: Check out this write-up on The Witcher 3, where CD Projekt Red talks to PC Gamer about quests and how The Witcher 3 is going to try its best to have an open world like Skyrim without all the “unimaginative busywork” that can come with that sort of game.


  • Skyrim actually had some decent variety, if you ignored the repeated quests from guilds like kill a bear at this location.

    • My biggest problem with Skyrim was that they had the same guy do like 400 voices. It was even more Jarring when the leader of the thieves guild had the same voice as someone you were sent to rob.

  • …and yet despite knowing this, i still feel compelled to complete these stupid quests

  • We already know it’s going to be good. Stop wasting time and get back to working on the damn game! /cracks whip

  • Even better than the article is the comments (on PCG)!!!

    Do yourself a favour and read them if your after a good laugh and then be thankful this community is NOT like that !!!

    And I thought IGN had a bad community vibe going on !!

    • Wow. Just wow. They really need to moderate their comments. There’s just no call for that kind of language.

      PS. F@ck all of you. 🙂

  • yes lots and lots of trolls on the PCG comments.. especially Vexus.. my god he the posterboy for blind fanboism. But really ive never seen any terrible posters here on Kotaku au though

  • You know it would be nice if they could make the case for their game without tacitly shitting on other games. I’m not saying they’re wrong, I’m just saying skyrim’s out , this isn’t, so it’s easy to say they’re planning to do it better. Just let the game speak for itself, or don’t name names unless it’s positive, just reference the trend for fetch quests in RPGs in general

    • Agreed completely, although having read the article it seems the criticism of Skyrim was by the author and not the guy from CD Projeckt Red.

  • Every RPG/MMO claims to have fixed this problem. They rarely if ever do. Will wait and see…

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