Fighting For Gay Marriage In A Nintendo Game

A new video game from Nintendo lets you have relationships and marriages… but only with people of the opposite gender. And at least one person wants to help change that.

Tomodachi Life, an upcoming 3DS game that’s best described as The Sims meets Animal Crossing with a dash of hallucinogens, revolves around relationships you build with the other virtual characters in your world. Your characters can become friends, date, and even get married — assuming that one is a boy and one is a girl.

Tye Marini, who started a campaign he’s calling “Miiquality”, is fighting to get Nintendo to change their mind about that. He wants marriage equality in Tomodachi.

“Because the game has such a huge focus on relationships, this is a problem for many LGBTQ gamers,” Marini said in an email. “I believe this is a significant issue that should be resolved or at least acknowledged by Nintendo, so I started a movement in hopes to convince Nintendo to add same-sex relationships to Tomodachi Life via an update, or at least ensure that it is included in a future sequel — the Miiquality movement.”

Marini released the above video to get his message out, and created Facebook and Twitter pages for anyone interested in supporting the campaign.

In the Japanese version of Tomodachi Life, which was released last year, male characters could briefly marry one another thanks to a bizarre bug. A few weeks after release, Nintendo patched Tomodachi Life and got rid of the bug, taking gay marriage away with it.

“I believe this movement could not only potentially influence Nintendo’s stance on the issue and future game development, but the video game industry as a whole as well,” said Marini. “If a mass audience Nintendo game like this supported same-sex relationships, it would be a huge step forward for the industry.”

We’ve reached out to Nintendo to see if they’d consider adding gay marriage to Tomodachi Life. The game is out for 3DS on June 6.


  • I can think of absolutely no reason why gay marriage shouldn’t be an option in any game where marriage is involved.

    • Japanese devs made it. How is that not a reason?

      Just like if Russian devs made it, it shouldn’t raise any eyebrows.

      • I don’t give a shit where a person is from.
        ‘I, personally, don’t like / agree with it’ is not an excuse to discriminate.

        Seriously, I don’t like or agree with the idea of any formal, state recognised, marriage – gay or straight.
        I’m not gonna dictate what others do with their lives though.

        Edit : Clarity.

  • This is a major Japanese company… In Japan homosexuals are shunned more by their Government than they are here in Australia. But good luck to them.

  • This is a really excellent, level-headed response. It’s a shame this probably won’t get the attention it deserves.

  • *Jumps into Comment section, ready to punch down ill-informed or misguided arguments and hopefully drag some empathy and compassion from people who are arguing against why this should be an option*

    *With tears in eyes, hugs everyone in here, walks off into the sunset*

    • I’m not arguing for or against it, but we must remember other cultures are different, their morals are different, right and wrong are different. I’m all for freedoms but, imposing our morals on other societies, isn’t that taking away their freedoms?

      • No but the creators of Tomodachi can’t have their game the way they want, they have and need to conform to other’s imposed morals because equality. That is just not on

      • It’s also a game geared for a global release. And global attitudes should go hand in hand with that. I waited 2 Mass Effect games and saved my Broshep for Kaiden – it really should be an option. If not in the Japanese release, then for the market’s they’re releasing in. For frikks sake, gay marriage shouldn’t even be an issue in this day and age. When all the olds and the bigot’s die out, people of the future will be wondering how the hell those olden-people thought so ass backwards. Right and wrong arguments are fair enough, but human equality is a core value. All people should have the same rights and opportunities presented to them. Whether you love someone of the same sex, opposite sex, color, nationality, religion or whatever else.

      • I’m quite comfortable with taking away the freedoms of people with terrible, not different, terrible morals.

        What do you think Amnesty International and the UN do all day in countries where you can be stoned for adultery for BEING raped, or simply BEING gay? Sit back and say “well, their morals are different, it is not for us to judge”

        It is for everyone to judge, and I judge them harshly.

    • Right? Almost every other news site I saw posting about this was filled with disgusting, hateful, cruel, bigoted comments.

      I was actually staying away from the articles about this because of that but something about this one caught my eye.


      And yes, Miiquality won out & Nintendo is giving us inclusiveness in future installments. But it still breaks my heart all the hate I've seen in other comment sections.

  • Global attitudes? When it’s a minority in support of if, I don’t see how that becomes a global attitude. And remember Nintendo is making the product, it’s their choice to what goes in and what doesn’t. Everyone’s saying freedom of choice etc, but that’s taking away Nintendo’s freedom.

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