Final Fantasy III Is Now Available On Steam

Briefly: Final Fantasy III is now available on Steam. The first legitimate PC version of the game is a port of the relatively recent 3D remake, and will set you back $US15.99. Be sure to give your Warriors of Light distinctive names, so they aren't confused with all of the other nameless, world-saving orphans.


    That's some typical squarenix pricing right there...

    But now that's it on Steam I can wait for the next sale it's in and get it then, unlike on the Play Store where the prices haven't budged from $15 since they were released.

    Here's hoping that FFIX will finally see a PC port though.

    I don't understand why they haven't done this with the best of all them, VI

    I wouldn't mind this, but it's just a PC port of the mobile version. And it shows

      I've been playing it on my 55 inch with a controller and honestly its not that bad.

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