Final Fantasy VIII, Completed Faster Than Ever

Final Fantasy VIII, Completed Faster Than Ever

Here's the newest world record for beating Final Fantasy VIII as quickly as possible, set last night by speedrunner CaracarnVi. Eight hours, 34 minutes. Pretty damn impressive.

This one's fun to watch — I can't even imagine beating FFVIII in less than 40 hours — but if other Final Fantasy games are more your cup of tea, check out CaracarnVi's Twitch channel. He's also set records for FFX, FFVII and FFIX.


    I watched about 20 minutes of this but I just felt like the picture wasn't progressing or changing. Perhaps including a video might help.

      That link in the post dosnt help you?

      Im guessing they cant embedded Twitch videos like they can Youtube ones,

        They can embed twitch video the same way you embed youtube videos. Just a link to copy and paste.

        I wonder if I can embed to comments section.

        Oh well embed is disabled in comments section and replaced by links instead. But back to the point yes you can embed twitch video just like youtube.

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          Cant say I have ever seen a Kotaku post with a Twitch video embedded?
          On Wordpress its normally built in via the [youtube] or something like that which embeds the video,

          However all the Twitch posts Kotaku has made (from some searching) seems to only show links back to Twitch...

    Silly reply ref above,

    Last edited 13/05/14 4:37 pm

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