Foxtel Comes To The PlayStation 4

One month ago to the day Sony and Foxtel announced that they would be bringing Foxtel Play to the PlayStation 3. Now Sony is announcing that the same package is being brought to next-generation consoles with the PlayStation 4.

"Foxtel is pleased to bring access to Foxtel Play to PlayStation 4 fans after only one month since its arrival on PlayStation 3," said Rohan Lund, CEO of Foxtel. "We are continuing to up the ante across the number of ways people can view Foxtel Play, and PlayStation 4 is an excellent platform to make our next generation console debut on."

And that is an interesting point to note: the PlayStation 4 has beaten the Xbox One to the punch with Foxtel this time round.

Apparently the Foxtel take up on PlayStation 3 has been solid, and Foxtel is keen to deliver the same service to folks using the PlayStation 4.

"Foxtel Play on PS3 has already seen an enthusiastic response in the thirty days since launch," claimed Lund.

It's a timely addition. Media functionality has been looking a little sparse on the PlayStation 4 here in Australia, with only Music Unlimited, Video Unlimited, Quickflix, IGN, and VidZone being made available. It's good to see more options being made available to Australians.


    Does this require an extra subscription or anything? I'd go for it if it was free with Foxtel, if not go fuck yourself.

      Looks like it's a separate thing, different to Go.

      I've only trialled it on the X360. The subscription service is not free. Not sure if they are still doing movie rental on demand...

      It initially worked for normal Foxtel subscribers but they immediately closed the loophole so it only works for Foxtel Play subscribers now.

    SBS on demand or gtfo!

    Last year I tested out Foxtel on the Xbox 360 for a month - cost something like $50 with no renewal. The first month was okay so I payed for a second and signed up for auto-renewal.

    Then Foxtel took the $50 plus $27. They did not send me a bill or an invoice for this extra fee. I email them - it is not resolved as they have no receipt referring to the matter. Next I rang them about it - which was a series of painful phone calls to condescending offshore third-parties - I was told that this must be my bank's mistake and that I should contact them for the money. Then I talked to my bank and they told me to go back to Foxtel, unless I want to report a scam and cancel my credit card. I was lazy and it was only $27, so I let it be. What a fool I was.

    Next month the $50 is taken plus an additional $177. I again contact Foxtel. My email is ignored. Two days of waiting pass by so I call again. After an hour of elevator music I am being told by an amazingly rude lady that it is 100% my bank's fault and that I will need to deal with them. I reason that perhaps it is Foxtel's mistake since it has happened twice and the money has been shown to be withdrawn by the same entity who takes my normal payments - Foxtel. I get told that they don't deal with "hypothetical scenarios".

    I contact my bank, cancel my credit card, and get informed that I will recover my money after Visa conduct an inquiry upon Foxtel. I also cancel my Foxtel and inform them how inconvenient this is. Foxtel never replied to me. It was late November '13.

    I don't see any of my money again until late January '14. My bank contacted me by letter to let me know that the issue has been resolved and that Foxtel was at fault. I send Foxtel a final email to let them know and tell them that I can't trust them with my money so will not be using their services again. They never contacted me back and I will never know what the extra money was taken for.

    TL; DR. Xbox Foxtel withdrew money they weren't entitled to and didn't admit it. Had to cancel my credit card to get it back. Took two months. They avoided all contact in the matter.

    Last edited 01/05/14 12:22 pm

      Contact your Ombudsman. I think this will be the one for Foxtel.

      They will sort it out for you for free without hassle.

      Edit: Oops! Thought you still hadn't gotten it back. My bad.

      Last edited 01/05/14 12:38 pm

    This came to mind when I read the title

    Looks like they will be fucking themselves them

    If its like the PS3 app, and h ave no reason to believe it wont, then your Foxtel GO password will not work

    Go fuck yourselves indeed Foxtel

      Unfortunately Foxtel Go doesn't work with a Foxtel Play account. Quite crap.

    Oh man, I wish I gave a damn so I could sign up for that delightful little money hole

    Godammit Foxtel can't keep their cancerous shit out of anything these days

    I tried the free 14 days they were giving out on the PS3, before the 14 days was up i tried cancelling the subscription but got nothing but website errors. Called foxtel they said they didnt have a record of a play subscription so i left it. Then received a bill and a debit from account, tried the website again and everything on the website works except when you try to cancel. Called them again and again they had no record not even of the bill number. Sent them an email explaining and basically the word F*%(& You all over it and a threat to go make a scene at one of their booths in the shopping centre and all of a sudden i had the money back and the account was closed. The things we gotta do to get free tv in this country is crazy.

    Sky in the UK are releasing their Go app on PS3 and PS4 so I guess we can always hope Foxtel will do the same.

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