Game Gets Two Name Changes Before It's Even Out

Game Gets Two Name Changes Before It's Even Out

How to confuse the hell out of potential fans of an upcoming video game: change its name twice during development.

There once was a game called Dirty Bomb, made by the people behind Brink. It later had its name changed to the thoroughly unremarkable Extraction.

It's now had its name changed again. It's not even for a new name. They have just gone back to Dirty Bomb.

While the original excuse given for the first change had to do with trademarks, the devs now say it simply "better reflects its personality".

Extraction is Dead, Long Live Dirty Bomb [Splash Damage]


    "Dirty Bomb, eh? That sounds like an obscure sex move. I'll go on urban dictionary to find out what it means."
    "That's enough internet for today."

      You ain't looking at the fridge the same again are you.

      "Google's Urban Dictionary Dirty Bomb"....

      Last edited 26/05/14 11:01 pm

    So it basically looks like brink mixed with team fortress 2 mixed with moba character... Except it has less than 1/3 of the heart of each of those products.

      Oh, so you gave it a run through?

        Watch all the gameplay trailers, it looks like a korean F2P through and through.

      Wha... Thought i just stumbled across the metacritic user reviews for a second...

        HUEHUEHUE... ... ... I see what you did there >.>

    I never knew it changed its name to Extraction so I don't have any problem with just continuing to call it Dirty Bomb. Lots of games change their names during development anyway, either due to marketing reasons, legal reasons, localisation reasons, or just because someone actually came up with a name to use instead of the placeholder so this isn't really that big a deal. Still wish Overstrike was a thing though.

    It's not unusual for a game to undergo name changes during development. Many games start development under some kind of codename and a final name isn't selected until quite late.

      Not every instance a name is identical. Some scenarios are more relevant than others and whilst name changes might not be unusual per se, they are not common either. Motivations and circumstances surrounding the scenario differ from game to game as well. Best not generalise everything that looks similar from a consumer perspective.

    Not as strange as getting two name changes after its out.

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