Glenn Beck Thinks Watch Dogs Teaches People How To Hack In Real Life

I doubt anyone expects conservative pundit Glenn Beck to say anything particularly insightful about games, judging by the ignorant comments he’s made about the industry in the past. But listening to him talk about Watch Dogs is kind of funny, since he’s convinced it will teach kids how to hack into his iPad.

To be fair, Watch Dog’s entire shtick romanticises the coolness of hacking. But it definitely doesn’t teach you anything concrete on how to hack, just like a first-person shooter isn’t really capable of teaching you how to shoot a gun in real life. Not that that stops Beck from linking real-world violence to video games at the start of this clip.

The entire thing has a ton of classic “video game scare piece” elements, meaning it ties complicated real-world tragedies/issues to video games because that’s the easy thing to do. There is no mention of how issues of security and privacy are big right now, post-Snowden and NSA leaks — so of course it was a matter of times before games tried to tackle the subject. If anything, games almost feel late to it all!

“What are we thinking? We’re inviting this into our home,” he fearmongers, right before comparing video games to crack cocaine. Sigh!

You can see him talk about Watch Dogs specifically around the 3:58 mark, if you’re short on time.


  • I’m pretty sure Glenn Beck doesn’t believe a word of his own crazy, the guy has just built a career out of fleecing hyper conservatives and lunatics.

    • His job is as an entertainer. It’s the same with all right wing radio hosts, columnists in Australia. They are playing a role and need to have something to say.

      Every day getting up and needing to find something to talk about and then having an opinion on it, something to say about it which people want to watch. With these, like here they filter it through some insane conservative, libertarian Ayn Rand ideology filter to come up with something to say.

      • This is absolutely not Ayn Rand’s ideology, and she was not a libertarian – she was an objectivist which is very different from libertarianism, except in that it argued the “freedom from” standpoint as in freedom from government/restriction/oppression of ideology… This Glen Beck is a free-market liberal but social conservative, so you’re kind of confusing your philosophies here. Plus, Ayn Rand was not a massive c*** like this guy, just a moderate one.

    • The call of duty “trained killer” spiel at the start of the video is more of an attempt to bring some credibility to the NRA’s stance on gun control in that everything else except gun control contributes to gun violence including video games training murderers.

      So while it does tick the box of fleecing hyper conservatives and lunatics, do not surprised if Beck is trying to get something out of the NRA or he already is.

    • You can’t see him believing in it because it’s so ludicrous to you. For some people it confirms their gut feeling that Murdoch’s media machine has convinced them is more important that facts and rational thought, and is a totally justifiable position to take.

    • Yep. These shows are a lot like lobby groups, even when they start off hitting on something they’re sincerely concerned about eventually they become about maintaining power/presence/viewers/etc rather than representing anything (either that or they just totally sell out like the NRA). Glenn Beck’s agenda here isn’t anti-video games or anti-hacking, if he could magically put a total end to either of those things tomorrow he wouldn’t do it, it’s about having a topic he can blast on that his audience won’t disagree with him on.

      Not that that sort of chicanery is exclusive to that side though. There are plenty of people who claim to represent the left-wing who are running the same motions. If Tony Abbott manages to make it through next week without doing anything offensive they’ve still got to talk about something.

  • I’m pressing square but this ATM is just sitting there like a douchebag. You lied to me Mr. Beck.

    • It’s Triangle to use an ATM, so if the game is teaching you to hack you’re a bad student. =P

      • Why would I use it? That’s would mean using my own money. That’s not the Republican way.

  • I find it funny how he asks ‘what is wrong with us’; when this kind of fear-mongering is one of the biggest problems with society these days… I’m just glad we don’t have it quite as bad here as America.

  • I think he has a point……also I’m fairly sure Obama is behind it…………lucky for me I wrap all my electronics in glen beck brand aluminium foil so I’m basicly hack proof.

  • At the same time though, this is why he has a job. He’s a paid troll and I bet that even he doesn’t believe the shit he says .if he can stir up people and they tell their friends”did you hear that guy talk about hacking” then he wins.

  • What a laugh. Its interesting that he mentions the reports from the coroner regarding the deaths of roughly 10 incidents where people have killed themselves or others, but also states that Call of Duty had sold 100 million copies. If video games are so powerful and create such destructive behaviours I would imagine that we would be seeing incidents in the millions rather than the small numbers that he reported. What a tool bag!! Sample size, Mr Beck, Sample size. You cannot generalise such a small sample size to the larger population. Moreover it is based on the conclusions of one coroner through a bunch of qualitative statements, not scientific and statisticial research. Oh hang on, the coroner only needed to press X. Job done. Wish it were that easy. lol.

  • I was trying so not to laugh at about 6:00. Glenn Beck is CONVINCED that people playing Watch Dogs will be able to hack his iPad. How do fruit cakes like this get into positions of power in the media?

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