Goat Simulator Does Have A Story, And It’s Pretty Dark

Goat Simulator Does Have A Story, And It’s Pretty Dark

To the unobservant eye, Goat Simulator is simply about destroying things and causing chaos as a goat. But there’s more to it, according to the developers.

(Ibrisagic is a developer at Coffee Stain Studios, the folks behind Goat Simulator, in case you’re curious.)

Well then. That’s…surprisingly heavy for such a goofy game. Mind, I’m pretty sure this is in jest — still, it’s an amazing answer. Mind blown indeed.

Goat Simulator Does Have A Story, And It’s Pretty Dark


  • The quote section appears blank to me.

    Is that the joke, that there is no story. lol


    • Haha, that’s kind of cool actually. More than I expected, at any rate 🙂

    • That begs the question, what morally questionable life did the goat live to end up in purgatory?

      • Hmmm well by the way Arminposts describes it, it sounds like the goat used to be a human. To end up in purgatory, that individual would have to be someone that led such an incredibly morally reprehensible life that even basic human contact is beyond them in the afterlife…
        So… Kyle Sandilands? =P

      • Here I was thinking it was my Disconnect or AdBlocker addons screwing with me, but then I saw who posted this…

  • how do you get a job with Kotaku? Seems to be the following requirements
    can you repost other sites articles?
    can you post a link or embed a youtube video?
    can you not proof read or check content before uploading?

    i know people like Mark actually do a good job but damn the rest WTF?

    oops i posted something @ 2:43pm, posting now at 3:32 pm is posting too quickly LOL

    • Wait.. they write ARTICLES?!

      Totally joking, and I agree that Mark writes great articles.. But saying everyone else writes shit ones is totally wrong.

      I’ll give you Patricia though, and even then I do feel quite bad at how much crap she gets, and I’ve left a few less than complimentary comments – it’s just she never seems to actually TRY HARDER. That’d be my first step with the amount of negative reactions she gets.

    • To be fair, the article was ported over from Kotaku US. So blame either them, or whatever systems Allure Media has in place for Kotaku AU’s article system.

  • I actually thought the grey box was the story and I thought this article was a joke.

    • True, I found the correct link by looking at the html source of this page (not a complicated process btw)… It’s an easy mistake to make, but pedants will be pedants.

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