Godzilla's Rampage Does $3 Billion Worth Of Damage

With the new Godzilla movie coming up, it's the perfect time to revisit 1998's classic remake starring Matthew Broderick and see exactly how much damage Godzilla caused to New York City.

CinemaSins did a whole bunch of maths (and counting footsteps) and tallied up the costs of all the damages Godzilla's 1998 rampage did to the city. Apparently landmark skyscrapers don't come cheap.

What's the Damage? [CinemaSins]


    Godzilla (1998) was not a "classic", it was crapical.

    WTD videos aren't fun. CinemaSins should stop doing them and only focus on the EWW videos.

      Especially seeing it's stupid and obviously completely inaccurate.

        They don't even factor in impacts to tourism etc. So halfassed

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