Grab Watch Dogs For $54

Target is currently selling Watch Dogs for $64, which can be used in conjunction with a $10 voucher to bring it down to $54 — cheaper than the current Steam price of $74.95. And in the absence of a magic cellphone or sonic screwdriver, we can't just hack Steam's price down to a more palatable level.

Head over to OzBargain for the deal. Even with shipping, that's still a great grab for a brand new triple-A game. Then you can jump in our Community Review next week and tell your fellow Kotakuers how it is!



    If you're more pc-inclined, the deluxe digital version is at GreenManGaming for $45 using the following code;


      Keep telling me that the code couldn't be added, however I found one which did the exact same job for me.


        Ah ok, I used the code I posted on the 21st,it may have expired :-(

        Cheers for finding another.

      I told myself I wasn't going to buy it this month. It's now your fault I am buying it

    is it $64 in store?
    or just online

      Yeah, I would like to know that as well. Got the Dedsec Edition ordered for 360, but it only got dispatched today, so it probably won't get here till the end of the week. And I wouldn't mind getting the Xbone version as well, for prettier graphics and double the achievement points.

        You're buying it twice for the achievements?

          I wanted to get the Dedsec Edition on Xbone, but the cheapest place I could find only had it on 360, so I ordered that. And yeah I do buy two copies (360 and Xbone) of certain games for double the Gamerscore like, The Lego Movie Game, Lego The Hobbit, Skylanders: Swap Force, Tomb Raider, Titanfall, Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, and Trials: Fusion. But they're all games I enjoy, so I don't mind playing through them more than once.

          And Yeah, I am a bit of an achievement whore.

            Interesting. No judgement, was curious and did not know you could do that.

    Where can you buy it exactly? It doesn't even appear to be on their website.

    Shame the PC version is pretty broken.

    With Crossfire disabled - HD7950:
    Poor performance, 17fps Ultra, 21fps High.
    Graphics glitches.

    With Crossfire enabled - HD7950:
    Same graphics glitches and poor performance as a single card. 17fps on 'Ultra' settings... 21 on 'High'.

    Crossfire clearly not working, but adding the following problems when enabled.
    Laggy/delayed subtitles.
    Laggy mouse movement.

    Definitely needs more work done.
    I have heard there's a day 1 patch and driver update, so hopefully the combination of these things resolves the above issues.

    Though, it's an Ubisoft game, so hopes are not high.

      I think your problem may be related to using ATi, i've seen lots of people complain about performance with ATi cards, but have seen lots of praise from people using Nvidia.
      Just wait for the day one patch and the eventual graphics driver updates, they should help optimise things a little better.

      Last edited 26/05/14 6:33 pm

      Dual 4GB GTX 770's and according to fraps im getting over 90 fps with all settings maxed.... Sounds like your pc needs an oil change....

      As others have said, seems to be an issue with ATi or your system. Mine runs it fine at Ultra on a single GTX660, core i7 920 16GB RAM.

      I've seen some youtube vids with guys with geforce running bad too with sudden spouts of stutter. Seems random-ish (Haven't tested my self so can't be sure). Sorry pal.

      EDIT: Also as far as I was aware the game doesn't support CF or sli 'yet' but I guess that could be fixed already. BTW for the record, your cards are good cards. Nothing wrong with them and they are quit powerful even compared to more modern cards. No need to swap teams for some crappy ports. (Like this and GTA IV, still gives me issues years later.)

      Last edited 26/05/14 8:26 pm

      Did you download a pirate copy, because there are reports of pirate copies installing a bit coin miner and using up 1/4 of GPU power.

        The release by Spartacus has been verified as being malware free, there was some ISO versions floating around that had issues. Hurrah for private trackers and avoiding TPB dreck

        I did, purely because I don't trust Ubisoft enough to make a good game that's worth my money, and as such, I am forced to obtain their games via other means to 'demo' them before buying (I do actually buy all games I like).

        I've been burned by Ubi way too many times, and have since learned to be highly skeptical of everything they develop... because 95% of the time, it's rubbish.

        However, it was from a private torrent site, and was a direct rip from Uplay with a crack, so no installing required. I shall try another version, if that's still broken, I will wait and see how AMD's Watch Dogs driver update goes when it comes out.

        If I find the game enjoyable after all that, I'll hit up GMG and snag a copy for $37.50! :)

      I have an OC 7950 and at the "detected" graphics level (all high) I get a solid 30FPS. The game also stretches the legs on my CPU, so I'd say GPU isn't your major concern.

        That being said, it's not really worth the bother in the first place, bland doesnt even begin to describe it

      This is why I gave up on PC gaming in the end, and went with console for nearly everything.
      People keep saying there are almost no driver issues, and it is all a piece of cake, but I kept getting enough headaches that kept me tinkering and dicking around, when I could have been gaming. I have so little time these days that I really don't miss dicking around with Windows.

      I'm on Nvidia and no issues at all, Its either a driver thing or Ubi just doesn't care about AMD.

    $49 at GMG and Ozgameshop and thats for digital so no waiting for delivery

      $45 for the deluxe if you use the 25% off code they have going at the moment

        GMG doesn't seem to want to accept my credit card at the moment. Their loss :(

          Yeah I had this problem too but got it sorted fairly quickly. Be sure to contact their support and check your bank statement as they may have charged you for it even though it failed. I didn't have a problem with them charging me but a few people have.

      I did order from GMG, but with my internet (adsl2+), waiting for the postie is probably quicker than a 14GB download.

    The Vigilante and Dedsec editions are still going for $120-130. $70 bucks for a statue or cap/mask and digital trifles... oof.

    Anyone found cheapo Xbone version ?

      if you click the link you will notice it works for any version.

      Just ebay search... I got it for about $65 brand new. Just make sure it's a legit online game store haha

      Just buy it digitally from the US store at $60.

    Perhaps I'm being dense here, but how exactly do you buy the game? It's not on the target website, and when I click the ozbargain link I get a huge banner advertising the game but no option to buy / add to cart?

      Yeah, it is no longer on the site.

      Last edited 27/05/14 7:11 am

    I have standard edition code from Green Man Gaming for Standard Edition for $37.50 GMG025-MAYBHW-SOSAVE

    I'd rent a copy first, I've found it pretty boring so far. Really disappointed.

      Bummer... I was planning on getting it, but may wait for reviews

      Last edited 26/05/14 10:54 pm

        From what I've heard it's a good game, but don't expect to be blown away.

          It's well made. But bland and rather dull. From my personal experiences, anyway.

            This pretty much sums up my experience. Lovingly crafted, but boring.

    Doesn't seem to be working for me.

    The link on the Target advertisement page takes me to an 'item not found' page...

    "We could not find any matches for “56031423 56031454 56031522 56031669”


      Same so either they haven't linked it properly yet or they sold out online

    PS4 version was in stock for about 2 seconds. - worth reading...

    I think it's more that the people running the website promotions aren't aware of other certain promotions that target are selling for near cost (like the ps4 deal) then once they catch on they remove the items in question. They removed all consoles the other day after everyone was cashing in on the deal.

    big w has the console versions for $64 edit: from Thursday

    Last edited 27/05/14 12:19 pm

    Bastards... both the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions (yeah I know.. stuck in last gen) either went out of stock at the same time, or they ended the offer... while I was trying to check out online. It now says to me you can only buy in store.

    Walked into Target today and bought it for PS4 at $64. It was also the only store in Melbourne city I could find a PS4 copy after lunchtime.

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