Gundam Sneakers. Because, Sure, Why Not.

Gundam Sneakers. Because Sure, Why Not.

While these may look like something a very bored fan would come up with in their spare time, they are real. Made by Reebok and officially licensed.

No release info or pricing yet, but they will surely be limited and fairly expensive.

I... kinda want a pair. Not to wear out. Just to wear around the house, running around making whooshing and "pew pew" noises while I kick things pretending they're evil spaceships.

[High Snobiety]


    Have you found a place to import them? I wouldn't mind a pair, I do love colourful shoes!

    I dont even watch gundam but would totally buy/wear these

    They look a bit like Nike Huaraches from the 90's

    Do you have to shout real loud when you put them on?


    I need these for my kids. And me. Bonus if they come with some kind of gunpla.

    Too bad Instapump Fury are just about the ugliest looking sneakers out there.

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