Guy Makes Pyro Backpack, Shoots Flames Everywhere

Guy Makes Pyro Backpack, Shoots Flames Everywhere

Pyro from X-Men isn’t one of the best known characters in the Marvel universe, but that doesn’t mean his backpack mounted flamethrower isn’t cool as all heck. And for our amusement, one tinkerer decided to bring it to life.

Watch inventor Colin Furze (the same guy who made retractable wolverine claws) takes on a nerdy tinkering challenge and sets stuff on fire in the process . Throw some space marine armour and that could also pass as a sweet Terran Firebat costume.

It should be noted that strapping a tank of propane to your back and having wrist-activated flamethrowers is probably incredibly dangerous and stupid, so whatever you do don’t try this at home. Unless that is you’re really, really cool and want to impress all your friends, in which case I’m not gonna narc on you, man. Here’s how Colin did it:

You got my attention, Colin!

[Colinfurze via Devour]


  • Alright, have a hypothetical situation.
    You are out the back testing your wrist flamethrowers and you hear someone break into your house (over your own maniacal cackling of course). You confront the guy, he pulls a knife on you. I want you to imagine his reaction when you ignite the ground at his feet and disarm him by scorching his hand.

    • And then imagine trying to explain to the insurance company why you set your own house on fire…

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