He Makes Video Games For 2K Australia, Now He Makes Awesome Tables In Real Life

Jamie O'Toole has worked on some of the most important games of the last 10 years. Currently he's an artist working on Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. But in his spare time? He's building some of the most incredible tables ever, using nothing but concrete, a 3D printer and his active imagination.

"Usually I make objects for video games," says Jamie. "Now I’m making them in real life."

The table above is now housed in the 2K Australia building in Canberra, ACT. What Jamie is doing with these tables is unique: he's combining his own skill at manipulating concrete with 3D printing techniques. In his words he's trying to create a "digital stone age".

Jamie started his work with concrete out out of pure curiosity, and ended up building himself a concrete kitchen benchtop, but that was just the beginning.

"I’ve always been handy, always been good with my hands," he explained. "I made myself a kitchen table and I thought, 'I wonder what else I could do with this'. I started messing around with 3D printing and started pushing the boundaries of that."

Now, with the launch of his new site 'digitized stone' Jamie's been getting a fair amount of attention. The work he's doing is seen as pioneering, particularly what he's doing with the 3D printing aspect of design.

"My inbox is full of people emailing me about this. It’s kind of a unique thing."

Jamie is looking to do more of this, and is willing to ship overseas. With his contacts in the games industry, a few people have put the feelers out on similar tables based in other game franchises.

The level of detail is incredible, and in concrete? Well, let's just say 2K Australia won't be needing to replace this thing any time soon.

You can find out more about Jamie and his work at his official website.


    Thats awesome, but wouldn't it be, really really heavy?

      Incredibly heavy. Also, concrete really isn't the best material for tables, unless they are display tables. And then they aren't really tables, they are just monuments. And concrete is great for that.

      Eh it's fibre glass reinforced concrete, should be light enough and retain strength. But still it'll wight a bit.

    Cheers!! Its made of Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete, GFRC. Its the latest in concrete tech, its lighter and denser than your normal concrete. Its hollow underneath, weight is 180kg, and will out live our great grand children.

      Your work is lovely. Such a beautiful combination of a hand-crafted ethos with the wonders of the digital age.

      But will it outlive their great grand children? (Well it would if it fell on their head!)

      Top work! Looks awesome!

      Awesome work man, love it. But at 180kg. it would cost an arm and a leg to ship it locally let alone overseas.

        Its cheaper than you think.

        Last edited 07/05/14 7:57 pm

    :) Thanks for the kind words.

    Last edited 07/05/14 1:37 pm

      Such quality work dude! You should be so proud and hopefully you only continue to get better and blow our minds some more!

    Very awesome indeed! Feature furniture for anything!

    Awesome to see 3d printers being used in innovative ways. Great job! I hope this helps push the 3d printing industry.

    I want one, love how it introduces the sculpted detail on the trims.
    Just needs some matching bioshock thrones.

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