Here Is Watch Dogs’ Map

Here Is Watch Dogs’ Map

Watch Dogs releases next week, but you don’t have to wait until then to see how big its digital version of Chicago is.

Obviously, if you don’t want to be spoiled on this, you should probably stop reading now!

The good folks over at PlayStation Access not only show us Watch Dog’s map in this video, they also take the time to drive from one end of Chicago to the other. It takes roughly seven minutes.

They say driving from one end of Chicago’s map to the other takes roughly the same amount of time it takes to drive from one end of GTA’s map to the other. The maps seem “comparable,” they say — though they’re not 100% sure if Watch Dog’s map is bigger or smaller than GTA’s map.

And for those of you that just wanna see the map, here ya go:

For what it’s worth, when a Ubisoft representative was asked about Watch Dog’s size, they told PlayStation Access that it wasn’t necessarily a huge world — it’s supposed to be a deep world.

And since the comparisons are inevitable, here is GTA’s V’s massive map:

New Watch_Dogs Gameplay – The Map From End to End [PlayStation Access]


  • It reminds me a lot of the Sleeping Dogs map screen. Hopefully the areas between the regions are more explorable, unlike SD.

  • Do you have to use Uplay malware for this?
    Thats a game breaker to me – I dont need anymore useless loaders..Origin im looking at you.

    • Yep, pirating Far Cry 3, Trials Evolution and probably Fusion soon because of this.

  • Very impressive, however is it just me or were those two guys insufferable to listen to.

    • Disclaimer this is just based on what I’ve read and seen.

      AFAICT there isn’t, however you can unlock/purchase cars for a collection and then you have them delivered to you via an app on your phone. I think they will then have a random colour/skin but that’s pure speculation on my part.

      • I think you’re on the money. I did some digging of my own after posting- there appears to be a underground garage system where you can store/collect cars. And yes, you can have a contact deliver cars you have occupied to you on the fly.

        On another note – the drive around of the city showcased a a nicely detailed environ.

        This leads to another question – what’s the nature of music in the game? Radio stations? Different genres? Curious to know that too.

        • Yes I’m very keen to know whether I’ll need to play music in the background or whether the game will have decent enough radio stations. Also if it doesn’t have decent radio stations I really hope it doesn’t block media keys like a lot of games do, making it really hard to pause and skip songs during ganeplay.

        • Genres and making a playlist, you can skip from song to song. Seems you might occasionally get a news broadcast whilst in your car, otherwise music is just from the playlist you made.

          Which seems like a bit of a shame to me, I rather liked GTA’s take on radio stations. Though without the satire they probably wouldn’t be that interested.

          @dragar from what I’ve seen skipping music seems pretty simple and consitent (left right on the d-pad) and can be done pretty loosely. A bit hard to tell without going hands on yourself though.

          • Day n nite, is the only song I’d listen too. I think I’ll just stick with playing musing in the background. @zimmy I meant changing my music from windows media player not in game.

          • Oh my bad, not sure why consoles have killed all the custom soundtrack options… The cynic in me is so they can try monetise a pandora/spotify-esque service in the near future.

          • Just another reason I prefer pc over console, multitasking is just much much easier

          • I’d rather just listen to the game as the developers intended it, custom soundtracks have never really interested me, though I see how it appeals to some people.

            It is kind of strange though that given how much more powerful and capable new consoles are at multi-tasking, that they have largely done away with the custom soundtrack option.

          • @glock can’t reply to yours for some reason.

            That is how I play too, I never really use custom soundtracks (With an exception of a few times when I used to play WoW) but I don’t get taking away console features that were present in the previous generation.

            I would like support for more video formats in the new consoles too, Xbone is rather limited.

  • There seems to be a great deal of pop-in in the game (see the truck at 2:14, and pretty much every vehicle and pedestrian after), which is a bit unfortunate. I wouldn’t even mind if it were even less graphically impressive, so long as my immersion isn’t dwarfed by vehicles that suddenly decide to come into existence at a medium (100m~) range… The draw distance just looks plain appalling. I hate to compare it to GTAV like almost every other sod on the internet, but that was a game running with what, an eighth of the memory? Still looked visually impressive and the draw distance was great.

    There’s also a collision at 2:45 wherein those involved simply return to their lanes. Do the traffic lights not work? Do they not wish to jot eachothers’ insurance info down? Or at the very least stop, get out and cuss eachother?
    And back to those pop-in pedestrians… Neither of the commentators seem to notice. I dunno, I’m looking forward to the game but surely the world is going to feel less “deep” given that it has draw distance equivalent to PS1’s G-Police…

    • *Gasp* Don’t you dare point out that this game is obviously graphically inferior in every way to any other equivalent game! You will get the wrath of the downvote gods!

  • Map is tiny. Screenshots show the world isn’t detailed either. The above video shows pop-in on pedestrians or vehicles. All I see is utter failure after failure.

    • “I’m not saying it’s bigger than GTA V, but it’s comparable – the level of detail is really what makes an open world. I’d argue that there might even be more going on here, in the city, than in GTA V”

      … All I see is ridiculous amounts of pop-in, and even then everything appears pretty ordinary. In GTA V I saw a mexican gardener with a leafblower in what was essentially the properties of the hollywood hills. I saw young teens holding hands and sitting down in the parks, people taking shopping to their cars, drinking coffee with a newspaper in one hand as they rushed to their destinations… You can follow people (albeit in a creepy manner) and actually hear one-sided phone conversations. The radio is bustling with all kinds of music and chatter relevant to the time period…
      In Watch Dogs I see people blatently driving through red lights, carelessly bumping other cars before returning to traffic, and all of this is only granted you’re in a small-medium range of those world objects. Even if there is a ‘deep level of detail’ here, it certainly isn’t remotely comparable to prior open world games, and it’s certain to please anyone who’s short-sighted, as you have to be right in front of the detail for the game to have even loaded it in.

      There are parts about the game that still bolster some excitement, but for such blatant holes in the game to be evident at surface-level it’s kinda hard to retain a great deal of that excitement.

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