Here Is Watch Dogs Running At 4K On Maximum Detail

I like pretty screenshots as much as the next person, but I've never been super-obsessed about punishing my PC in the pursuit of pixel-perfect graphics. Obviously, I wouldn't get along with the gamers responsible for producing these high-resolution, high-detail images of Ubisoft's upcoming Watch Dogs.

Clearly, more than a few users of gaming forum NeoGAF have gotten then hands on copies of the game before its official release and with nothing better to do, have turned their PCs into screenshot factories. A few of their shiny products can be seen below (click for full-sized versions):

It looks nice, for sure — the water is gorgeous as. Though I can hear my poor 560 Ti screaming at the mere thought of rendering these crispy texels.

If you'd like to see more screenshots, head over to this thread on NeoGAF.

2014 High-Res PC Screenshot Thread of the Last Hope for Image Quality [NeoGAF]

Images: HolyFridge / N1ghtW4lk3R, via NeoGAF


    Too bad texture quality is quite bad!

      "Oh God, that bridge railing!"

      Water looks nice though.

        Water is nice in game! Car damage is really basic, on par with GTA V level of damage, Although cars have an extreme recoil sort of thing when you crash them... It's just for me I was expecting more in the way of texture quality on PC!

          i thought Rockstar reduced how much damage received is shown because in GTA IV it was ridiculously easy to destroy say the bumper (i think the train of thought was preserving the look of the car as much as possible)... on a graphics note i was expecting more detail (i don't know what the right word is) for 4k across all aspects when looking in game

            Rockstar reduced the amount of damage on cars to increase the amount of cars in the world at one time... That was last gen compromises like that shouldn't be being made now that the next gen of consoles is out! And they most definitely shouldn't be being made on PC!

      The draw distance is amazing though, personally I'd rather have that then hi-res textures.

        The draw distance is amazing! The game is just horribly optimised and there is no reason the fps should be constantly dropping on my rig! Also no SLI support is complete bullshit!

          I wouldn't know about that, I'm getting the Xbox version. SLI support does sound pretty awful though.

          The game is barely even out. Of course there is no SLI profile. You'll be waiting an update or two to Nvidias drivers before you see an SLI profile for the game.

            Which is ridiculous! In this day and age games should be purposefully built with SLI support!

      I wonder if this will get mods.

      Cause if it looks like this now (Kinda reminds me of a semi-modded GTA IV) imagine what mods could add. Maybe all the post processing effects etc they took out idk? (To my eye thats the biggest difference from E3 to now, maybe some physically based shaders IDK)

      Regardless, still looks 'cross gen'. I'm kinda disappointed actually. It looks OK on pc, but it doesn't look that great on console from what I've seen. There are better looking games on all the platforms it's on. Still hope it's fun though, I'll probably grab it when I see it for around $30 somewhere on either PS4 or PC CBF which but probably PC in the hopes of mod support.

    Yet.. The images are 1080?

      It's better than in other articles when they make you load the full 4K (or 8K in some cases) pictures before even clicking on them.

    And yet it doesn't look as good as GTA IV can on PC with the right mods.

      Well then, just use the right mods on this game and you'll be set...
      Any game can look better with certain mods.

        Too true. Hopefully Watch Dogs supports mods then...

    Wow... the reflections on that skyscraper REALLY are worth the next-gen! My GeForce GT 740M is going to be swearing at me for weeks once the game comes out!

    oh god it almost looks like reverse AA how do some of the corners in these screens have such jagged edges...

      Is there a particular part of one of the shots you can point out?

    I wonder how my GTX 780 will handle it on full settings

      Fine. They made a statement not long ago that 90% of their dev team use GTX 670s and that runs Ultra fine. CPU is the apparent chokepoint.

      Last edited 24/05/14 4:23 pm

      I have a 780Ti and the game runs alright at maxed... The problem is the game is just horribly optimised and there is absolutely no reason the game should be dropping frames, because it doesn't look that spectacular!

        I just found this link that may help you

        I also believe there is a command line option for the .exe that will stop the stuttering at Ultra textures. It's something like -nopagefilecheck (don't quote me on it, hopefully some googling will return the desired result

    looks great, but to be picky the flags in the top pic ruin it a little

    I don't get why so many people are going ape about the graphics in this game. It's like nowadays graphics make the game either good or bad. If the gameplay is fun, (which I'm sure it will be), I'll be happy. I of course have a standard with graphics but I don't think it's a bad looking game. If it runs well on my PC and gameplay is good, I'll be satisfied with that.

    In the first picture the game looks awesome but its too clean, were is the garbage at the side walks the inperfections of the street, thats exactly the thing the made the game so popular. Look at the first trailer :D

    So GTA5 looks a hell of a lot better? Nothing to see here.

    The really sad part is all the people speculating and commenting who don't even understand video compression or graphics in general.

    The textures are NOT getting better at higher settings. Watchdogs pc is approximately 13gb, where as watchdogs console (new gen) is sitting around 45gb. That's a horrible imbalance in size. Know where all the extra storage space went? Textures that the PC version didn't get.

    It's called marketing. People have been waiting for watchdogs since the new consoles came out - if the PC version looked THAT much better (*which it could, easily, as current PCs are already 3x as powerful as the new consoles.. Argue with me, I'll prove it.) people wouldn't go buy the new consoles or the 60$ game which right now is impossible to pirate.

    The pc version is rampant with piracy already. The top torrent sites are showing 10k+ seeding it. Not downloading. SHARING. I can't blame them for bastardizing the PC version right now, when things are going this bad with marketing. But that doesn't change the fact that the PC version COULD look far better.

    Right now, the console version on the PS4 is going to look the best possible. It's been proven that for now, devs are optimizing the hardware better and ps4 has reliably been running games at higher resolutions than the xbox one. They fixed that for a lot of games, but it happened. Means aside from possible hardware imbalances, the PS4 is easier to code on, and thus better performing software earlier.

    I'm enjoying the hell out of the game myself, but had I bought it on the PC that wouldnt be the case. After buying NFS rivals on the PC and bitching so much I made them refund me, I probably won't buy any AAA games being released on both console/pc for the pc, regardless of the better hardware.. The marketing doesn't allow for it.

    Sure would be nice if someone who had the capacity to do so, took that to mind and started a class action lawsuit on behalf of all the PC owners who got F'd in the A buying a game at the same price that was purposely degraded in quality to avoid piracy and push marketing.

    The reason people think the PC version gets better at higher resolutions is little video card tricks called tessellation, texture filtering, anisotropic filtering (sharpens textures at angles), antialiasing (takes jagged edges away) etc. These are NOT improving texture quality though. Nothing does short of higher resolution textures. Even compressed textures look worse. Any artist will back me up on this.

    Do your homework before you go around spouting stuff out for the majority to read and possibly believe. People deserve to know the truth if they're going to read about low vs high res PC graphics.

    The "low" textures and "high" textures offered just mean the standard and low res compressed for older video cards. They have no high res textures. Do a 1080p x 1080p screenshot comparison from pc to ps4. If you bought the pc version, I'm sorry.

      The textures are NOT getting better at higher settings. Watchdogs pc is approximately 13gb, where as watchdogs console (new gen) is sitting around 45gb. That's a horrible imbalance in size. Know where all the extra storage space went? Textures that the PC version didn't get.

      No, that extra size is from language packs, which are always included on the disc for console releases but are usually optional for PC installs. The file manifest for both has already been pulled apart to confirm this.

      Texture quality certainly does get better at higher settings, and that's trivially easy to prove by monitoring GPU memory utilisation. It's also plainly visible in side-by-side screenshots between the PC on Ultra and the PS4, showing the PC has noticeably higher quality textures.

      See screenshot comparisons here: and you'll notice that the texture quality is visibly better in the screenshots on the left, which are the PC on Ultra. It's not just a trick of antialiasing (though the temporal SMAA on the PC is considerably better than whatever the PS4 is using), it's higher resolution textures available in the PC version.

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