Here Is Your First Uncut Look At EA Sports UFC

And it's looking pretty fantastic.

I managed to spend a good hour with EA Sports UFC late last week, and I'll have a full report up today but, for now, just enjoy your first look at actual proper in-game footage featuring two of the UFC's most dynamic strikers Jose Aldo and Anthony Pettis.

What you don't see in this video is EA Sports UFC's new submission system. I'm going to wager that's because it's actually difficult to explain, and difficult to understand from just watching. Which is weird because, once you understand it, it's actually really simple and intuitive whilst playing. In fact, the submission aspect might have been my favourite part of the game.

Just as an aside — I really hope Jose Aldo and Pettis can both get past their respective opponents this year so we can make this dream match happen.


    I really hope that this is going to come out on PC, otherwise I might have to either wait it out for the next iteration or bite the bullet and get a PS4.

      Highly unlikely.

      EA aren't exactly known for porting any of their major sports games to PC any more (e.g. NHL, Madden) apart from FIFA (because it has the worldwide market to support it, I assume. The rest are niche sports).

      I will be buying a PS4 solely for this game and whatever the future may bring (none of the current titles interest me).

    Oh wow. This looks fantastic. It looks so much more fluid than Undisputed 3. I'm now super hype for this game.

      Funny.. I was thinking the exact opposite. Especially when the fight is on the ground, I thought it looked extremely choppy.

      Regardless, looking forward to release.

    Has Bruce Buffer gotten fat, or is his digitised persona just really unflattering?

    This looks amazing! I was really disappointed when I heard the Fight Night team were moving onto UFC, but now I can't wait for this to get my punching fix.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but the stamina meter almost looks like it works the same way as Dark Souls, in that if you stand with your gloves up, it recharges slowly, almost to the point of not recharging at all, but if you leave your gloves down, it comes back up a lot quicker.


    @markserrels Can you give a quick explanation of the submission/ grappling system? Is it like the THQ one?

    Combative grappling is probably the most complex physical interaction that anybody could have to simulate in a game. It’s not an easy task for EA at all!

    If anyone can think of a more complex scenario then I’d like to hear it (and no, it’s not sex…. Not unless you’re some kind of ninja).

    It’ll be interesting to see how many “degrees” of positioning that EA can get into the game. I found that the THQ games just had control positions and then you clicked the stick to launch into a pretty deep sub which would then initiate the submission mini-game.

    That system worked well, but real grappling is won or lost in the small concessions made in every transition and those are the really challenging things to replicate on a controller while still making a control system that people can use.

    I’d love to know for example if when transitioning out of half guard you have an option to take the overhook and start working for a d’arce choke, or an underhook for a kimura, or to drive your head into the armpit for an arm-triangle….. or if you just do the transition to a standard side-control position and then press a button to initiate a sub?

    I don’t envy the poor person at EA whose job it is to come up with this system. I hope they’re smarter than me!

      Writing something up for 1pm that's more in-depth.

    Looks good. I'm happy they finally got some uncut gameplay footage out. Excited for a hands on preview and some more info on the ground game

    The intro looked amazing but then I lost interest as soon as the fight started... Am I the only one who thought the fighting was way too fast?

    God damn this looks good. Paused half-way through to pre-order, hell yeah!

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