Here's The Censored Version Of The New Wolfenstein

The German version of Wolfenstein is a little different from the version of Wolfenstein most of us will get to play.

The shooty bits will remain the same for everyone, of course, as you can see in this Eurogamer video. But Nazi imagery and mentions have been replaced with other stuff, if not outright removed. It seems inconsequential, but you also have to keep in mind that the entire game is normally about Nazis. While that is just as obvious even in the censored version, Nazis are instead called "The Regime" in the German version.

The censorship isn't surprising: Germany has laws that prohibit the public display of the swastika, and there was a rumour that Nazi imagery got a previous game in the franchise pulled from German shelves.

Wolfenstein: The New Order - Censorship Comparison -[Eurogamer]


    Honestly, pretty damn good effort. It doesn't feel like much is missing from the german effort at all? I like how the censored one looks? I understand the Germans being a bit revisionist about the whole Nazi thing, I do. I think this is one of those rare cases where the censorship has been appropriately done with respect.

      I wish they weren't. Makes it a lot harder to sell WW2 German crap.

        This comment reminds me of the It's always sunny in philadelphia episode where Mac and Charlie try to sell an authentic Nazi officer's uniform to a museum... Love that show.

          Did you see the follow up episode, 'Pop Pop: The Final Solution'

          Great show!

            Dude I have watched every season, bar 9, at least two or more times. My favourite show EVER!
            I love when Mac and Charlie are eating the soup and have their little chat to themselves.
            "Yeah but we are standing two feet away from them so I think they'll notice us leave.."

              Yeah I have seen every episode at least twice besides season 9 also.

              God knows how many times I've seen season 1-4. I can not even think of a figure as I've watched them through so often and then on top of that randomly watched episodes.

              It probably is due for a 2014 rewatch of everything. Especially since I don't think we get a season this year. Early next year is season 10.

                Dude you are my Philly soul mate! Second that on Season 1-4 although I've got to admit I've seen season a few times as my all time favourite ep is"The gang reignites the rivalry" Dennis flipping out after he and Frank get tasered by the frat kids has me in a fit of laughter every time!
                "Little savages! Idiots! Savages! Idiots!!"

        Lemmy from Motorhead will happily buy it. His WWII collection is fucking amazing.

      There's almost certainly revisionists in Germany though I also imagine it's partly to do with being a trigger warning for some Germans.

      My understanding is, and I may be wrong. However a lot of the laws are more about just avoiding criticism towards them.

      I know that after the war it served no ones interest at all to focus on the Nazi's and what happened. So everyone just shut up about it. Germans didn't talk about it or discuss it. The rest of Europe and the west just moved on as best they could. To a large extent this worked at progressing forward. However the main impact is that no one ever really looked into why what happened occurred. So it almost got treated as some weird aberration and through never examining why and how means that nothing has been learnt. So then with the genocide in Bosnia in the early 90s, everyone was shocked because in Europe they just treated WW2 as if it was dealt with and gone. People really don't want to examine how susceptible populations are to blindly follow leaders into wars and excuse atrocities.

      You even can look at the last decade or so in the west. So many people blindly supported the war in Iraq. Even though it was obviously based on false premises and lies at the time. Now we have a really clear idea of the lies, but no one cares and has moved on. Nothing learnt.

      Look at the detention camps Australia has. People are abused, mentally tortured, kept in horrible conditions. Where there are threats within and outside them. How many people cared about that guy that got murdered? Or the people who are raped and forced to live with those that raped them? And all the other stuff. People don't care. They want the problem dealt with. People just want the problem dealt with, they know stuff is being done, it's far away. They don't know or care.

      On an individual level if you asked someone, 'should a young man who was raped by older men be forced to still live in the same facility with them?' They would probably/ hopefully say no. However they completely accept this happening with willful ignorance.'

      It's the same thing as the Germans in ww2. Of course we just pretend those are relics of history. Or only now can happen in 'less civilized' places like Rwanda.

      The banning of Nazi symbols is just part of the pretense that there was something unnatural that occurred. In a way it's blaming everything but human nature. As if the swastika in a game will suddenly make people murderous fascists. It's all avoiding the problem and not self reflecting on human nature and learning from the past.

      Last edited 23/05/14 3:34 pm

        Indeed. Im not saying I agree with it, I am saying though I understand it.

    When did they allow red blood back into games in Germany? I remember a few years ago they all had green blood.

    Also to be honest, the German voice acting sounds more emotive than the English.

    I was very curious to how this was going to be done, there is a scene where every second word is Nazi so good to see they got around it without killing it.
    Also HOW GOOD is that scene with the old geezer and the shotgun... or the one with Frau Engel at the end of the prison mission :D

      Yeah dude.....I cracked up when she was shooting those two machine guns wiht a mashed up face as you drive off.

      This game is awesome. Been a long time since I've said that about a fps.

        Indeed. I was amazed at how oldschool this game is, genuinely so. It recaptures the FUN aspect.

        I also love how *every single weapon* can be dual wielded. Right down to knives!!!! lol

        When the robot threw Engel off the cliff I facepalmed because it was a clear case of not letting me see the body to confirm the kill. I was so certain she'd turn up later in the game that the fact it happened like five minutes later actually redeemed the whole thing. The game wasn't trying to fool me into thinking she was gone and it was some great mystery like a lesser game might have. They played the bullshit totally straight.

    So the legislation's to prevent the iconography being represented in any idealised form but they still censor it when it's denigrating the Nazis? Pretending the whole thing didn't happen is just as unhealthy as potentially holding them in reverance, surely?

    I think your being a bit broad to be honest, in the context of wolfenstein, if anyone's pretending ww2 lacks empathises or accountability in this case its the Germans (allthough it needs to be said it's far more likely any nazi censorship is based on respect for the victims and national shame). You have to remember Every civilisation throughout history has had its torcher / genocide / atrocities. Empires and dictators rise and fall like the sun, unfortunately I agree we seem doomed to repeat the pattern, it's definitely human nature to be reckless, barbaric and to conjure our own damnation.

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