Here's The First Bit Of Artwork From The Next Hitman Game

Briefly: Sadly that's all we're gonna get for a while since developer IO Interactive also said that it won't be showing the game at E3 next month. For the time being, read more about upcoming Hitman news here.


    Let's hope it's more Hitman: Blood Money and less Shitman: Crapsolution.

      100% agree, crapsolutoon was craptacular

      You just reminded me that I have absolution! Is it really that bad? I remember playing a couple of was quite hard and slow...Maybe I should maybe re-install that at some point...

        The higher difficulties are broken because the game's core mechanics seem heavily focused on the new 'focus' system they added, due to not giving the player access to it, or a very, very limited focus.

        The levels are too broken up, and really quite linear.
        Somewhat multiple pathways, but it's still very restricted and there's always 'Start at A, finish at B'.

        That, coupled with a good 1/3 of the game trying to evade police... ugh, I hated those levels so much.

        Some of the later levels were okay in places, but overall I think they went too far on graphics and didn't have enough power in the consoles to keep them and also have large, open, dynamic levels.


    Looks like stage 2 from Splinter Cell: Conviction.

    While I enjoyed Absolution it wasn't a real hitman game.

    Lets see if they can bring back the blood money vibe

    Hopefully better and longer story than abso-Scheisse!

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