Here's The First Trailer For Titanfall DLC

Here's The First Trailer For Titanfall DLC

Via EA UK, here's the first trailer for Titanfall's "Expedition" downloadable content, which is slated for release this month on Xbox One and PC. (The 360 version won't be out until June.)

Expedition is a map pack containing three new stages: Swampland, Runoff and War Games. You can see them all above.


    Will they be offering up the Ogre chassis since I can't get it due to NOBODY playing the damn campaign from 5 days after release?

      I played the campaign yesterday on Xbox One, it was fine. Not sure about other platforms, but I dont know how you wouldnt be able to find players for it?

        PC is a ghost town... Has been for months.

        Shortest wait has been an hour... and I gave up that time.

          Set region to US. Then try. That's how I had to do it.

            And to think we all made a big song and dance about getting Australian servers.

              Whenever we do, we make it abundantly clear that we don't have the population to justify it.

          Really this is why I played campaign first week. Why would I ever go back?

      I've never not been able to find campaign matches, must have been through it multiple times with different friends when they finally bought it, this is on Xbone.

      Switch to SE Asia servers, your ping might suck a little, but you don't have to win the campaign anyway, just finish it.

        I sometimes get better ping on sea servers than Aussie ones haha, go Perth

      Right? Good idea in theory, bad idea in practice. GIVE ME MY OGRE DAMMIT.

    The maps look fun, pity i havent played in months, got pissed off at the fact that some people seem to have instant lock smart pistols.

      Maybe you were just on the receiving end of burn cards which give you a boosted smart pistol?

        Nope, i recorded the kill cam multiple times, even with the burn card there is a 2 second window for lock, the vids i have its clear it locks instantly.

      * parkouring everywhere dodging snipers, rifles and Titan fire.
      * dead*
      "oh nice shot I wonder how he killed me"

      *kill cam* a guy standing motionless with a smart pistol and you just happen to briefly jump into the smart range box"

      *turn of PC.

      God i hate them.

        smart pistol is the most bullcrap weapon ever, no skill required.

    GOd dammit can they for once favour PC?

      What getting it first at the same time as another platform isn't good enough, you have to get it first on your own?

        was referring to how EA only focus on TF on console. I have not seen an ad/trailer lately where TF on PC was displayed

          It's the system selling Xbox exclusive FPS, what do you expect? Plus PC trailer would just be twitchier movement and up to 4k resolution :p

    I wonder how many people are still playing this game? Everyone I know got bored of how small and one dimensional it was after less than a month.

    Major Nelson doesn't do his "weekly activity report" for Xbone like he used to on 360. I wonder if that's cos the 'wonder game' isn't pulling number like they hoped.

    Still loving Titanfall and these maps look good...not extra money good but good!

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