Here's The Trailer For The Big Simpsons Lego Episode

On Sunday, The Simpsons will team up with Lego to turn Evergreen Terrace into a world of plastic bricks. Here's the first trailer. Looks cool! I'm stoked.

By the way, before you chime in with comments about how The Simpsons hasn't been good for a decade — I've been watching every Sunday since new episodes were on Thursdays (remember those days?), and though it's true that nothing compares to the halcyon days of seasons 3-10, there are some good Simpsons episodes today. Hopefully this winds up being one of them.


    before you chime in with comments about how The Simpsons hasn’t been good for a decade

    Ok, I'll go in a different direction then.

    It really seems like this episode was only thought up in the last few months to capitalise on the success of the Lego movie.

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      Completely agreed. Whilst The Simpsons has always referenced pop culture, it just seems that they're jumping at every opportunity to stay relevant and not even getting good laughs out of them.

      At least the kids will love it, because fortunately for them, they're not cynical shits like us.

        I'm not cynical because I hate.
        I'm cynical because I love.

      Or how about we go with the real reason which is their new partnership with lego is why it's happening, with the lego Simpsons house and figures just recently released.

    I'm surprised that with their own LEGO sets coming up soon that they didn't use those for cross-promotion

      There may be cross promotion during the ads or even a joke reference in the show. We will see on Monday (Monday cause Aussie delay to get the torrent :-P )

        Actually we get it via torrents anywhere from 30mins to 1hr after the show airs in the USA

    I gotta admit... The "I can't quite put my finger on it" line got me.

    Shame this is just an episode, and not another Travelers Tales game.

    I can't help but compare it to the animation in the Lego Movie... And that is not a comparison that does it any favours.

    That has to be coming, surely.

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