Here’s What Sydney’s First Gaming Bar Will Look Like

Here’s What Sydney’s First Gaming Bar Will Look Like

Brisbane got a gaming bar. Melbourne got a gaming bar. But it’s taken until now for Sydney to get one. Spawn Point (not to be confused with the show) will be ready to go within a matter of months, and here’s what it will look like.

Creator Ben “BeStRaFe” Mudie, who has been actively involved in the Sydney LAN scene, helping organise several events including SGL, has told us he is “hoping to kick the doors open in August.”

Located in the basement of 199 Clarence St in the CBD, Spawn Point will be located right next to the Redoak microbrewery. It’s a venue ideal for small-scale functions, and while Mudie wants to keep a steady flow of events happening at the bar, he’s also conscious of keeping it open for those passers-by in the city who just want to drop in.

It will also feature older consoles, alongside the new. Info from the Facebook page shows this as their planned list:

NES/SNES/N64/XBOX/XBOX360/PS1/PS2/PS3/MasterSystem II/MegaDrive II with more to come! (including some j-spec items)

Here’s a render of what the bar will look like:

And here’s a more detailed floor plan:

It’s good to see the location of Sydney’s first gaming bar is in the neutral CBD zone. Part of what made Brisbane’s Mana Bar feasible is its location in the Valley, a universal point of nightlife. Sydney has no real equivalent, and conversations I’ve had with the handful of people considering starting a similar bar here have typically skewed towards Newtown.

That’s a sentiment probably galvanised by Sydney’s new drinking laws. But Newtown can be insular, and not exactly transport-neutral. A bar in the CBD, close to the train station, is a win.

Here’s an image from Google Street View of what will be our first gaming bar in a few months:

Not long now. Cheers!


  • mana bar in melbourne closed down 🙁
    dont know how well this will go but hope they succeed

    • wow really 🙁 dammit. I didn’t even know i was hoping to get down there to see a mate and go to the bar. How come it closed down?

      • Not many patrons and poor placement, also if I recall correctly they were having problems with their licencing.

        • wow that really sucks 🙁 was such a cool idea. Guess i can still go check it out in Brisbane though 🙂

        • I’m amazed the Mana Bar in Brisbane is still going.

          The cramped spaces, mixed with some elements of poor personal hygiene meant that I only went a couple of times. Such a great concept and I hope it gets bigger and better, a larger venue would do wonders.

        • Think it was the licensing. Brunswick gets a lot of people thanks to some great live music venues, but Mana Bar shut at 11pm from memory. A lot of people’s nights out have barely started at 11pm.

        • I think the high foot-traffic of Brunswick St caused Mana Bar more hassles than benefits. Although it was a bar, they should have looked at themselves like a specialist retailer; as a specialist retailer does not need high foot-traffic areas because the customers come to them.

          Already having the brand established in Brisbane, Mana Bar Melbourne could have opened on Franklin St in the CBD and still done well.

          The other issue (which is probably also related to the location) was that it was unfortunately, quite uncomfortable. There was nowhere to relax and there wasn’t enough gaming imo.

          I think a gaming bar could work in Melbourne, but it needs to be in a larger place close to, (but not in the center of) an entertainment precinct, that is close to PT and is just a heck of a lot more comfortable.

          Look at what Sports Bars do maybe.

          • yeah size and location was a big issue, franlkin st would have been a good option its city but not busy city.

    • This is sad and true.

      There’s a fun burger place that just opened in Footscray called “8-Bit”, though. Their menu items are named after old school games (e.g. the “Altered Beast” or “Double Dragon” burgers), and your table numbers are written on beadwork renditions of old-school characters.

      Really nice food, too.

  • Yay for gamning bar, shame its in the city 🙁

    Still hoping the mana bar opens up locally 🙂

  • We are hoping to get some more detailed internal renders shortly.
    The ones we have right now have been done for council and compliance reasons.

    The colours and internal decorations are going to differ greatly from the renders.

    It will hopefully be a Gamer bar that everyone wants to visit 🙂

  • Looks pretty tiny. Isn’t that one of the biggest complaints about Mana Bar in Brisbane?

    (I know that CBD locations can’t be cheap)

    • Size and Cost is always an issue.
      We are building something new here, if in three years it’s going well we will happily move it to a larger venue.
      We had to start out small, this bar is bootstrapped with no external financing.

      • I wish everybody involved the best of luck.

        After taking a closer look at the pictures I realised I stayed a couple of doors down from there last time I was in Sydney. Seems like a pretty good spot.

          • If you are looking for a Dreamcast, or any more older stuff, I know someone who owns a very large amount of old gaming hardware and software. He’d be more than willing to sell them for not a whole lot, I think.

          • We are always chasing leads on new hardware.
            We have a sizeable collection so far but still need and want more.
            You can contact us via our facebook page 🙂

      • This sounds great. I’d hoped for Mana Bar here in Bris to move or expand into the neighbouring rooms, but alas it’s remained much too small. Sounds superficial, but it really does cramp the atmosphere. Hope it goes well for you guys! Great idea with the older consoles too!

  • Sounds awesome. I’ve never been to the Mana Bar here in Brisbane, because I don’t drink, but I’ve always wished it success, and I hope Spawn Point turns out to be successful as well. Even if you are small, if you serve good quality drinks and have friendly staff, you’ll get customers.

  • If I had the cash, I’d love to do a gaming bar here in Hobart, but I’m honestly not sure if we’d have the patronage to support it. Though I’m almost convinced I could run the place off the incoming cash from my circle of friends alone.

  • Always have wanted them to play some of the competitions on some screens. Would love to see some MLG/LCS/Fight nights etc. I know not everyone loves it but

  • I’ll make sure I drop in after work one day once it opens. I see it struggling though. It’s still easy to get retro games and consoles (if that is what the draw card to this place is).

    • We have the equipment for taps, we are still yet to decide if we want to install them.
      We will have some yummy cider and hopefully some good craft beer (talking to a few suppliers now)

      • You’re next door to the greatest craft brewer in Australia, you would be mad if you didn’t wander in and talk to Simon about striking up a deal.

  • So this is terrifyingly close to my work. I feel like in gonna be having quite a few post work drinks burnoffs in this establishment.

  • 1.2m service area is crazy. I frequent Newtown where these kinds of ‘terrace-width’ bars are common and the space to line up at the bar (or get past the crowd at the bar) is by far the biggest nuisance in that type of venue. You need more space than that if you expect to have any serious number of people attending.

  • Just to chime on the whole Mana Bar Melbourne thing.

    That place felt like a safe heroin injecting room. Went through the doors once and the UV lighting, horrific music and omnipresent BO made it an instant U-Turn.

    It didn’t fit in with the rest of the local environment, the music, interior design and general ‘vibe’ was waaaaay off target for that area; which I work in.

    Make it a good bar and ADD games. Get an experienced bar operator and manager on-board from day one. Make it big enough to put a DJ booth in for good background beats and you’d be on a much more even keel.

    Coincidentally, just down the road from the old Mana Bar Melbourne site is Lost Worlds, a very groovy/hip bar that is filled with arcade games! Good ones too. I’m talking NBA Jam, Ghouls’n’Ghosts and of course SF II- and many others. Run by none other thant Affiks who has done a lot for good music in Melbourne with the Heavy Innit crew.

  • The size of the venue could be a real issue. I wouldn’t frequent with friends, the groups would take a large number of those chairs. Even then If I went with a small group if the outer tables weren’t available we’d probably leave. Weaving through tables and people is a horrible experience, especially if anyone in a group is large or handicapped in some form.

    I do hope it works out though, it’s something Sydney has needed for awhile.

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