Here's Your First Look At Batman: Arkham Knight Gameplay

Here's Your First Look at Batman: Arkham Knight Gameplay

Why look, it's gameplay footage of the next Batman game! Here's the new-gen-only Batman: Arkham Knight.

In this impressive new trailer, you're seeing footage of many of the scenes from the live game demo we got of Arkham Knight this past March.

You've got Batman swooping through Gotham, calling in the Batmobile, and even using his car to drive on the ceiling during a Riddler driving challenge.

Here's Your First Look at Batman: Arkham Knight Gameplay

And you've got the Arkham Knight himself, a mysterious new character, taking Batman down and seeming to shoot our hero.

Here's Your First Look at Batman: Arkham Knight Gameplay

Notably, the trailer ends with a "coming soon" rather than a promise for a 2014 release. The game is being made for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Expect plenty more about Arkham Knight at the big E3 show this June.


    Gif's, Gif's, how many Gif's, I'm friggin' sick of them. Why can't you just have the damn video by itself in the article and be happy with that?

    Or is it that you put in the Gif's to pad out the "article".

      I agree. There have been an overuse of Gifs on the website. The gifs don't add any value - it anything it makes me more dizzy. Please Kotaku/Giz/LH, tone it down on the Gifs and respect your reader's eyesight.

        Agree with both points above regarding the overuse, and detrimental effects of GIFs. Even more than the bandwidth taken, even more than the lag factor created, it is the irritation to my eyes of constantly looping imagery that makes me wish they were all gone.

          I appreciate on or two good gifs every now and then, but lately on here its a line of text, two gifs, a picture and the video they come from. And then they call it an article.

        Unfortunately, Kotaku AU who would be reading these comments are not responsible for the gifs. The gifs are all from the Kotaku US authors, who do not read our AU comments.

        You can only hope our US comrades are complaining about the gifs as much as we are, otherwise they'll keep coming.

      Well I like the GIFs youtube is blocked on my computer so I can never watch the video. But the GIFs usually give me all I need.

        Why is youtube blocked on your computer?

          my work has an entertainment filter. For some reason Kotaku isn't classified as entertainment. but all youtube links don't work.

            Even though no websites are blocked on our work computers, if I want to use the internet for anything other than something work related I just use my phone.

      hey man, where I work youtube is blocked. sometimes gifs are the only way for me to see some content.

    Pretty excited for this, so glad that Rocksteady are back on the series. Although, I'm not too sure about the main villain, from what I've read it's gonna be a character called "Arkham Knight" (ironically), which apparently Rocksteady and DC created specifically for the game. They've described him as a "militarized Batman". Not really sure why they had to create a new villain, aren't there an absolute crap-ton of villains in the Batman universe?

      I don't mind it. Something new they can do something different with rather than be constrained by pre existing characters.

      Also Batman does have a crap ton of villains but some (most) of them are REALLY stupid.

      Last edited 22/05/14 9:24 am

        Yeah, I'm kinda happy that they decided to create something new to keep it fresh, rather than just have The Joker again (although you have to admit, he was fantastic).

        Rocksteady's back on it though so I have faith that it'll be awesome.

      On one hand I like the fact that they have take the initiative made a new villain, on the other hand I'm pretty sure Deathstroke was already the "Militarized Batman", so he just kind of seems like Deathstroke MK2

        Prometheus is also a Militarized Batman. In the early shots, I thought it was him.

    75% FMV
    20% General advertising
    5% Gameplay

    ... This is why I hate modern "gameplay" videos.

      Yo do realise all the cutscene run in the in-game engine right?

        Yeah but it's hardly the game... just cutscenes.

        To me 90% of the game is how it moves and plays, not just the visuals.

    Evidently Evan has a substantially different definition of the word "gameplay" than I do. Call me overly simple if you like but I was expecting to see the GAME being PLAYed...

    Does anyone know if there'll be another collectors edition? I've picked up each CE for the series so far, have to keep the run going :)

      I don't think they've announced it yet, but I can't imagine that they wouldn't. It's good business for them.

      Weirdly enough, I'm planning on going the complete opposite route. I'm sick of paying a premium price for less content. As much as I love the Arkham games (and I'm pretty much obsessed with them), I'm probably going to wait for the GOTY edition so that I actually get all of the content.

    This looks incredible! But I haven't played the others in the series.. Do they follow on? Like, would I need to play them in order to understand this one?

      None of the games so far have required prior knowledge, although there is usually some foreshadowing in earlier games and some nods to the previous titles in later games. I think you'll be just fine without playing the other games.

      You should play the previous ones, though, because they're the best games of the last generation :-)

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