Hey, There's A Rubik's Cube In My Google!

The weird thing about Google as a website is that it's so ubiquitous that it's almost invisible. Therefore I very rarely actually go to Google.com. I just search through Chrome or follow links on Twitter. This post is for you! Go to Google.com right now because they have a super cool virtual Rubik's Cube that you can mess around with or, if you're actually smart, solve.

I've always been rubbish at the Rubik's Cube. Lifehacker Australia Editor Angus Kidman is a beast. He can solve the thing in like two minutes flat. Goddammit.

Anyways — Rubik's Cube. It's there. In my Google.


    I can do them in around two mins once I've warmed up, but I had a play around that thing this morning before I got in to my work and was just like, nah. Way too awkward.

    EDIT: Done :D...563 moves took me 62:15 (back and forth with work.)
    EDIT 2: 141 moves in 5:30


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      Yeah. I'm not great at Rubiks cubes but I can normally do them given enough time. With this I just hit a dead end where I can't navigate the viewpoint properly and I can't track the rotations properly in my head because I'm not using my hands. So congrats to Google, you managed to make a frustrating toy even more frustrating! =P

    I can usually get a 3x3 done in about 40 seconds, but it's almost all muscle memory, now. I tried this this morning, and I just couldn't translate my method into using the mouse - it's just too slow and awkward. I got to the last layer, tried to orient it and completely screwed up the last step... so I gave up and solved the one on my desk to prove to myself I still remember.

      Lol I revisited it now and have messed up the last layer twice. I'm back there determined to get this done now. I wish I had one in front of me to remind myself it would be so much easier. As you say, all muscle memory now.

        Oh, god, I just tried it on my laptop's trackpad. So imprecise... I'd hate to lose track partway through a 16-move PLL because the cube moved the wrong way - my laptop would likely end up in small pieces embedded in the wall. I'm content with solving the cubes in my collection, thanks, Google.

    49 minutes and almost 600 moves. Slow, yes I know.

    used to be able to solve them but I haven't in quite some time, I lost the muscle memory thing

    134 Moves and 26 Min .. during work
    I had to restart after I worked out the controls though ...

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    I'm lucky if I can get two sides on an actual Rubik's cube let alone a digital one.

    My results were 107 moves in four minutes and nineteen seconds. The controls were weird and took some practice to get used to; I usually clock in at about a minute and a half with a real Cube. However, the virtual game on Google's page was quite fun. :)

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