Homer Simpson's Finest Hour, Immortalised In LEGO

Homer Simpson's Finest Hour, Immortalised In LEGO

Not counting whatever insane garbage he's been up to in the ten years since I stopped watching the show, I always thought Homer Simpson's most defining moment wasn't when he was a space hero (remember, the rod got the credit!), but when the eyes of the world were upon him at a car show.

It all went pear-shaped, of course, but then, explosive failure from the best ambitions is exactly what he's about.

This build, by Brian Williams, doesn't just get the car right, it even gets Homer's brother Herbert Powell right.

Homer Simpson's Finest Hour, Immortalised In LEGO

Brian Williams [Flickr, via Laughing Squid]


    Please Lego, put this kit into production. Me wanty.

    Art... Lego... Minecraft....

    When with gaming articles?

      On the page this story is on, there is 7 stories currently relating to games, 2 non gaming including this one and 1 art story which is based in games.

    I always found it odd that Herbert never returned after the baby translation device episode

      Well his whole empire crumbled after homer came into his life. I'd probably want to stay away as far as possible too.
      That said, I suppose they are running out of story ideas

      He did have a brief cameo in one of the season 24 episodes, but just by voice. Homer calls him for something but he responds that he's broke again so they hang up. I did a marathon of every Simpsons season up to current a few months ago, that's the only reason it comes to mind.

        Are they really up to season 24? Damn! I haven't seen anything past season 11 or 12. Time to catch up methinks.

      Considering that the voice of Herbert is Danny DeVito, it's possible that they can't get him into a studio to record lines like they can other actors.

    Powerful like a gorilla, yet soft and yielding like a nerf ball.

    The whole disaster was Herb's fault not Homers. What did he expect Homer to do when he told him to build a car he would like.

      EXACTLY. it's bugged me for years that Herbert blamed Homer entirely, when all Homer did was do exactly what Herb asked him to do.

    You know that little ball you put on the aerial so you can find your car in a parking lot? That should be on every car!

    How do these people custom build lego like this?

      BTW check out the dude's page, he made "it" from south park

    Every episode with homer and his mum, they never ever mentioned herb. Why? Maybe theyhhave? Maybe I missed something?

      Because Herb is Homer's half-brother to Abe, not Mona. I doubt Homer would want to bring up Abe's infidelity in front of his mother.

      wasn't he a half brother? was he Abe's kid? I can't remember.

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